Beijing X電競 Development Group is the pioneer and main force of pelagic fishery in Beijing . In March 10, 1985, the first group of oceangoing fishing fleets in western Africa was dispatched by the Beijing Fisheries Corporation (Group predecessor), which opened up a new era for the development of Pelagic Fisheries in Beijing . The group has the largest fishing fleet in Beijing , nearly 400 fishing vessels, employing more than ten thousand people, fishing for about 200000 tons per year, and fishing vessels, fishing and fishing, which account for 21%, 30% and 25% of the total fishery output in the country. The Group operates in the North Pacific, southwest Pacific, Southeast Pacific, central and Western Pacific, the Atlantic, India ocean, West Africa East Africa Coast, Fiji Vanuatu and Chile, Maotai area. Main fish products include tuna, squid, pod, fish, saury, Antarctic fish, Antarctic krill, cuttlefish, octopus and other hard fish and soft fish. Aquatic products processing, warehousing, supply base, products sell well in Europe, America, Africa, Beijing and other Asian countries. The group's deep-sea fisheries also play a key role in supporting and coordinating national diplomacy and expanding national maritime rights and interests.




"Before, the fishing quota for tuna fishing in Beijing was zero, because no ocean going fleet did not exploit and exploit the high seas resources. After years of efforts, the middle peasant fleet has entered a fairly large scale on the high seas. Beijing 's fishing rights in the high seas have been strongly advocated, and the quota for the high seas resources has been won, and the international ocean tuna conservation organization has been joined.

- Beijing Fisheries Association Pelagic Fisheries Branch

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