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It has become the leader of Beijing 's agricultural modernization, industrialization and internationalization.

Modern agricultural comprehensive industrial chain X電競服務 providers, suppliers of safe and high quality agricultural products.

  • Yu Difei, chairman of Beijing X電競 Development Group, meets with Prime Minister of Vanuatu
    On May 28th, Yu Difei, chairman of the group, met with his Excellency Mr. Charlotte Salvi, Prime Minister of Vanuatu, who visited Beijing at the reclaimed water tower. Yu Di did not extend a warm welcome to prime minister

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  • Beijing Animal Husbandry Group signed strategic cooperation agreement with Fuyuan International
    In July 29, 2019, in order to actively promote the implementation of the development strategy of the grass and animal X電競 and dairy industry of the Inner Mongolia animal X電競 group and realize the rapid development of the industry's quality, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Beijing animal X電競 group and Fuyuan International Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. was held in Hohhot. General manager Xue Tingwu, deputy general manager Ding Changqin, general legal adviser Zhang Deyong, general manager of enterprise development department Cao Guangning, An Fusheng of mobile insurance department, Ding Sheng, vice president Song Ningna, Li Qing, chairman of the holding of Inner Mongolia and so on, attended the signing ceremony.

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  • Yu Di went to the central animal research institute to carry out the theme of "not forget the original mind, remember the mission" education, and talk about party lectures.
    In July 16th, according to the group's Party committee's "don't forget your mind and remember your mission" theme education program, Yu Difei, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, went to the central Animal Husbandry Research Institute of Beijing livestock X電競 to conduct research and guidance and lecture on party lectures.

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  • Do not forget to serve the "three rural" X電競服務 s, bear in mind and make contributions to the modernization of agriculture. Mission group Party Secretary Yu Difei talks about the topic party lectures.
    In accordance with the education deployment plan of "don't forget the original mind and remember the mission", in July 30th, the group held the party secretary to talk about the special party class meeting. Yu Difei, the Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, talked about the special subject session entitled "first serve the heart of the" three rural "X電競服務 s, remember to contribute to the modernization of agriculture, and strive to promote the high quality development of Beijing X電競 Development Group. Wan Jun, deputy secretary and general manager of the Party committee, chaired the meeting.

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