Beijing X電競 Development Group actively promotes enterprises to resume work and resume production in an orderly way

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Faced with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Beijing X電競 Development Group conscientiously implemented the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping and the decision making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, implemented the requirements of the SASAC, persisted in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the production and operation, and made arrangements and requirements for orderly doing well the resumption of work and production, and made efforts to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic. At present, the overall recovery rate of group enterprises has reached 57.23%, and the rate of resumption of production and production has reached 63.64%.

All enterprises conscientiously implement the group's deployment and requirements, and do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic while actively promoting the orderly resumption of work and resumption of production. Boat fishing company Focus on the current production and operation, do well the preparations before commencement of work, ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and operation are two. Since February 10th, enterprises such as boat fishing products and other enterprises have been resumed. Hualong home company sanitation station arranges personnel to kill the factory; the fishery X電競服務 company arranges the security to do the registration and temperature measurement of the external vehicles and personnel; the youth volunteers put up the publicity poster for epidemic prevention; the Hualong home company arranges volunteers to do the registration and temperature measurement of the foreign personnel, so as to ensure the safe production of the enterprises. Water fisheries In order to ensure the normal operation of production and operation, the Zhoushan branch worked together with the boat company to communicate with the government departments and remove difficulties. The four vessels for reclaimed water 707--710 handled the entry permit and arranged the safe entry of vessels.

Zhong Mu stock Faced with the shortage of feed, vaccine and veterinary drugs in animal X電競 enterprises, we will organize all production enterprises to resume production and ensure the market supply of animal vaccines, feedstuffs and veterinary drugs. The Qian Yuan Hao Zhengzhou plant, in order to ensure the prevention and control of avian influenza vaccine, actively communicate and coordinate with the relevant management units to solve the problems and ensure the supply of raw materials. During the Spring Festival, there is no downtime and continuous overload production, so as to meet the market demand of avian flu prevention in 2020. The utilization rate of antigen production capacity reached 159%, the capacity utilization rate of emulsified sub assembly was 100%, and the production volume increased by 23% and 75% respectively. Xinxiang Hua Luo serves as feed production enterprise, cadre staff member "leave small home, care everybody", all "stationed" in factory. In order to ensure the safety of work resumption, the conference room, activity room, staff bookstore and so on are temporarily transformed into "dormitories", so as to prepare an independent living space for each employee. The employees of the resumed post worked overtime and continued to fight. From February 1st to February 13th, the total shipment was 1098 tons, an increase of 998% over the same period last year, which ensured the material demand of 89 customers in 11 provinces, and increased 493% over the same period. Changchun Hua Luo has resumed work since February 3rd. In order to solve the problem of staff shortage, we should take overtime measures, deploy management and sales personnel to supplement the production line, so as to ensure the supply of goods to farmers. From February 3rd to February 13th, the total shipment volume was 1540 tons, an increase of 66% over the same period last year, which guaranteed the material demand of 120 customers in 8 provinces, and increased 380% over the same period. In the face of the situation of lacking more than 30% of the staff members in Inner Mongolia, Beijing 's livestock industry has called for "party members and cadres to go up" to achieve a full load operation of the treatment drug tymin, which has increased by more than 20% over the same period of the year. Shengli biology has done the Spring Festival without stopping, epidemic prevention and production have been grasping two times, and two are not wrong. In order to ensure the health of livestock and poultry, the market is actively supplied.

Agriculture and seed industry We should do a good job in production and operation, and do well in the preparation of workers' return posts, so as to ensure that all preventive and control measures are put into practice. The central agricultural Tiantai made a plan for prevention and control of contingency plans and resumed work plan, and adopted the mode of "online network sales and offline point to point delivery", which was officially resumed in February 10th. As of February 15th, 200 thousand kg of processed peanuts, 150 thousand kg of peanut seeds and 100 thousand kg of corn were distributed. In order to ensure the supply of spring ploughing seeds, the agricultural seed industry and its enterprises actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control while strengthening seed supply, ensuring seed quality, unblocking seed sales channels, and strengthening the guidance of spring ploughing X電競服務 s. Shandan Racecourse Affected by the continuous snowfall in 2019, 200 thousand acres of oat grass were not harvested before the Spring Festival. At this stage, the weather continues to be fine, which is conducive to the rush harvest of oat grass. The virus-free potato breeding center is also in the stage of tissue culture seedling production. The Shandan Racecourse overcomes the adverse factors caused by the shortage of personnel and agricultural machinery and equipment caused by the epidemic. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, it also makes reasonable deployment of the existing hires and machinery and equipment to ensure that the limited manpower and machine power play the most effective role. Each branch returned to work in January 31st to catch oat grass. As of February 15th, 83 thousand acres of oat grass were harvested, accounting for 41.5% of the area not harvested, which further reduced the losses caused by snowstorms. The potato breeding center is also actively deploying human resources and working overtime for tissue culture seedling production, laying a good foundation for subsequent planting and transplanting in the shed area.

Zichai company According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in Shandong Province, it officially resumed work in February 10th. A total of 40 machines were installed before the deadline. The processing capacity of large parts such as body and crankshaft exceeds 50% in the same period last year. Ju Ming Company Since returning to work in February 13th, we have actively organized production according to the annual production plan and order situation. The three production lines of wheat machine, corn machine and flower vigor have been fully powered to ensure that the order needs of various distribution units are satisfied. Market protection. Making full use of telephone, WeChat and network platform to timely contact and discuss business, carry out promotional activities of network video products, strengthen the excavation of potential market demand and market promotion. Replenishment. Supervise and urge the supply units across the country to take corresponding measures, and actively coordinate with the transportation department in handling the pass of transport vehicles as soon as possible, so as to ensure the timely purchase of the goods to the factory. Smooth logistics. In view of the actual situation of the logistics vehicle outage in the society, according to the relevant policies of the state and the provinces and municipalities, the transportation department should be actively coordinated with the transportation procedures as soon as possible, so as to ensure the timely delivery of market demand products. Guang Jian company We must strictly implement the resumption plan and actively communicate with local government and project owners, supervisors and other units. The company headquarters resumed officially in February 10th. The project departments responded positively. On the 13-15 th of February, Yangjiang LNG project, J project, Huarun project main management personnel and Guangdong crew members rushed to the project department and ship.

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