Beijing agricultural development group closely controls the outbreak of new crown virus pneumonia

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Faced with the serious situation of the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, Beijing X電競 Development Group has resolutely implemented the decision making plan of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, resolutely implemented the requirements of the SASAC, adopted positive measures to prevent and control it in an all-round way, and did a good job in the resumption of work and production in an orderly way, and all the work is being carried out.

First, the leading bodies took the lead. The leading group of the group took the lead in taking the initiative and took the initiative to take the initiative to cancel the reunion arrangement for the return of the Spring Festival holiday. Group secretary of the Party committee and chairman Yu Difei, general manager, deputy secretary of the Party committee Wan Jun, Peng Aorui, deputy secretary of the full-time Party committee, according to the requirements of the SASAC Committee, went to work on January 27th (third day). Other members of the group took turns to be on duty, commanding and deploying the group's epidemic prevention and control work. Meanwhile, all enterprises in the group were required to report to the group daily in accordance with the requirements of the zero reporting system for epidemic situation. Prevention and control. Group offices, security offices, party and group departments, property companies and other relevant departments and staff in turn are on duty, and specifically implement the requirements for prevention and control.

The two is to set up emergency response institutions in time. In January 27th, the group level emergency leading group was set up, and general manager Wan Jun served as group leader. The emergency leading group consists of three special working groups, namely, emergency maintenance group, operation management group and comprehensive coordination group. They are responsible by Peng, Liu Hui and Cao Hengzhen respectively. In order to further consolidate the work basis, four working groups of group headquarters were set up: communication and coordination of headquarters offices, X電競新聞 gathering report, group security office specific supervision and prevention and control; group Party and group departments and property companies working together on disinfection supplies procurement, personnel registration, temperature examination, disinfection in buildings, dining room hygiene, etc. We should carry out prevention and control work under the unified command and deployment of the Party committee and the emergency leading group.

Three is to strengthen the prevention and control of enterprises and emergency response work main responsibility. The Party committee of the Party committee conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the SASAC Party committee, and made urgent actions to issue 10 documents in a row, deploying arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, setting up emergency leading groups, staff protection, flexible work arrangement, epidemic prevention and control of overseas personnel, resumption of epidemic prevention and control, contingency plans and other measures. The main responsible persons of enterprises are sticking to their posts, commanding themselves, deploying them in person, actively arranging, timely coordinating, solving problems in a timely manner, and doing well the epidemic prevention and control and emergency disposal work of the enterprises.

Four is to implement prevention and control measures. All enterprises and departments are urged to supervise and guide employees returning from the outbreak to do personal protection in accordance with the relevant requirements of territorial Government. The suspected cases and close contacts were strictly separated according to medical requirements for examination and treatment. Enterprises' staff canteens, dormitories and other public places must strictly implement disinfection, ventilation, time sharing meals and other measures. We should strengthen the preventive testing of normal employees and provide protective clothing such as masks, soap soap and disinfectant tissues. We must cancel mass on-site meetings, lectures and other mass activities. Postponing the employees' working hours after the holidays, headquarters staff in accordance with the requirements of Beijing city in February 10th to work, and from the actual situation, in ensuring the health of employees, flexible arrangement, from Hubei to Beijing employees home quarantine for 14 days, from other key epidemic provinces to return to Beijing staff arrange appropriate home observation time, use OA, WeChat and other home office.

Five is to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control of overseas personnel. Since January 10th, the personnel sent to overseas have been investigated, and suspected cases have been reported and disposed of in good time. At the same time, the management of expatriates has been well done, and the thought of expatriate personnel has been maintained. We should strictly control the expatriates and visits before the epidemic is lifted and suspend the visiting group in principle. It is necessary to monitor the health status of the personnel and group members who are really necessary.

Six, we should actively support Hubei in fighting against the epidemic. One side is difficult, eight sides support. Beijing X電競 Development Group has actively implemented CSR's social responsibilities, and has donated funds to support the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan through various channels. At present, Beijing X電競 Development Group headquarters donated 5 million yuan and 9000 medical gloves. The central animal X電競 company and the middle herding stock jointly donated 1 million 100 thousand yuan of materials and funds, and the water company donated 20 tons of silver cod fish. Other corporate donations are still being counted.

The two levels of enterprises have actively implemented the deployment and requirements of the party committees, set up corresponding leadership and working mechanisms, unblocked the contact with the emergency response teams of the group, closely communicated with the territorial Government, strictly observed the emergency duty system, reported the epidemic prevention and control situation and the dynamics of the enterprises in a timely manner, and conscientiously performed the duties of being responsible, responsible for the earth, and conscientious in their duties. Reclaimed water company, boat fishing company, Zhong Mu stock, agriculture and seed industry, Chung Ken company, Shandan horse farm, Mudanjiang racecourse, Hua Nong company and other enterprises, set up an epidemic prevention and control leading group, formulated contingency plans, implemented responsibilities and took effective measures. Leading Party and government leaders at all levels of grass-roots enterprises go deep into the front line, visit production workshops, canteens, dormitories and offices, check the ventilation and disinfection and emergency materials preparation of relevant premises before returning workers to work, so as to ensure that the prevention and control work is carried out.

Shandan Racecourse quickly set up the leading group of epidemic prevention and control with party secretary and general manager as "double leaders" to implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control. We should extensively mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the party members and cadres to fight epidemic diseases and take measures to carry out epidemic prevention and control. First, we should seize the key groups. The police of the joint public security departments have all day control of outsiders, strictly implement the "one-on-one" and "man to man" control measures, and strictly implement the "daily report" and "zero report" system of the epidemic. Two is to do well in medical prevention and control. Medical workers stopped their vacation, and all of them were on duty. The 24 hour duty system was implemented, and the pre examination and triage system was implemented. The independent fever clinic was set up, and the admission and screening process of fever patients were strictly enforced, and the registration system of fever patients was conscientiously implemented. The three is to focus on key areas. All access roads are closed, and 38 toll gates and persuasion stations are set up in and out of main roads, residential areas and residential areas. Temporarily close all restaurants, entertainment and other places in the area, shorten the opening time of shops or be open at a wrong time, and minimize staff aggregation. We should strengthen the overall inspection and disinfection of livestock and poultry breeding grounds, strictly monitor and strictly prohibit the sale of poultry.

The Party committee of the middle herding party acted swiftly, set up an emergency leading group and four special emergency working groups, worked out a contingency plan for prevention and control, set up a 24 hour duty system, strictly implemented the daily Zero reporting system, and compacted responsibilities at various levels to ensure that preventive measures were put in place. For the first time, the donation proposal was launched. All the cadres and staff members actively donated money, and received personal donations of 356 thousand and 500 yuan. In the 2 factories in Huanggang and Wuxue, Hubei, in accordance with the unified deployment of the local government, while doing all kinds of epidemic prevention and control work, the company responds positively to the call of local governments to donate diseases and diseases.

In the action plan sponsored by the Beijing Food Industry Association and the Beijing food safety newspaper, the Shanghai reclamation company solemnly promised to actively respond to the initiative and work together with the whole nation to win the fight against the epidemic. A2 dairy company announced on its official website "donation of 10 million yuan to fight the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic". As a general agent of A2, Beijing reclamation Shanghai company is assisting the donation of the donated products to the medical workers fighting behind the epidemic line and supporting their families behind the scenes.

The Shandan racecourse, the Mudanjiang racetrack Party committee, the CYC fishery League Committee and so on also issued the form of the proposal, calling on the leading cadres at all levels and the party and the league members to take the fight against the epidemic as the "main battlefield" to fulfill their mission and take the mission.

At present, the work is being further implemented.

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