Beijing X電競 Development Group convened the 2020 annual working conference

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In from January 19th to 20th, Beijing X電競 Development Group held its 2020 annual work conference, guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and implemented the spirit of the central economic work conference, the central rural work conference and the responsible person meeting of the central enterprises, summed up the work in 2019, analyzed the situation, exchanged experiences, and deployed the key work in 2020. Yu Difei, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, made an important speech. Wan Jun, general manager of the group and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, delivered a speech on the implementation of the production and management work. 5 enterprises such as reclaimed water fishery, agriculture and seed industry, Shandan horse farm, Ju Ming company and township enterprises have made typical speeches. At the meeting, general manager Wan Jun and the 17 principal leaders of two level enterprises signed the responsibility document of management performance, safety management target management responsibility, energy conservation and emission reduction responsibility book and the goal management responsibility document of the rule of law work.

In his speech, Yu Difei made a comprehensive review of the work of the group in 2019 and its achievements. He pointed out that in the face of the complex and unfavorable environment, the group took the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, and conscientiously implemented the general secretary of Xi Jinping's inspection of the Shandan Racecourse's directive spirit and the decision making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the SASAC. He did not forget his original intention, took the task bravely, worked hard, completed the annual task better, achieved the goal of planning budgets, and completed the state-owned assets in an all-round way. The performance appraisal indicators and operation quality have been further improved, and many enterprises have shown outstanding performance. Major work done in the past year. First, we should strengthen strategic guidance, improve the quality of benchmarking, and further improve the quality of development. Strengthen strategic planning - annual budget performance appraisal Trinity control, play the role of assessment and distribution baton, highlight value creation, optimize resource allocation, innovate business models, and promote transformation and upgrading. Two, we should accelerate the market-oriented reform, highlight positive incentives, and further enhance the vitality of enterprises. To study and formulate 2019-2021 year key reform work plan; to promote the improvement of the modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics; to deepen the reform of market-oriented operation mechanism; to promote mixed ownership reform and equity incentive; to carry out special rectification of headquarters organs; to promote the implementation of the authorization and decentralization of the board of directors of the two level enterprises; and to continuously push forward the structural reform of the supply side. Three, we should strengthen the building of scientific and technological innovation system, implement the list management of major R & D projects, and achieve remarkable results in innovation drive. The group has carried out its work in accordance with the idea of "definite, four construction and four grasping". In recent years, the number of patents has increased rapidly. The total number of invention patents and the number of patent applications accepted by the group have remained in the top 80 positions in central enterprises for two consecutive years. The R & D projects of Beijing herd share and giant Ming company have won the two prize of national science and technology progress and the two prize of national technological invention, and a number of core technologies have made breakthroughs. Four, we should take the problem as the guidance, implement the rectification requirements, enhance the management level, and strive to defuse major risks. We should take the problem as the guide and make up for deficiencies; conscientiously implement the audit rectification requirements; enhance the level of financial management; strengthen investment management; strictly control the risk of capital; strengthen compliance management and rule of law, strengthen operational risk management and control; and unremittingly do a good job of safety and stability. Five, we should implement the responsibility system of Party building and strengthen the "three base construction", so as to provide a strong political guarantee for the reform and development of the group. We should constantly strengthen political construction, learn to understand the socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Ping Xin, and implement the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of the important instructions of Shandan racecourse. We should conscientiously carry out the theme education of "never forget our original mind and remember our mission", earnestly cooperate with the SASAC Party committee to inspect and implement the requirements for inspection and rectification, continuously strengthen the "three base construction", and strengthen the building of the leading bodies of enterprises. We must firmly promote the building of a clean and honest government and fight against corruption.

In his speech, Yu Difei made an in-depth analysis of the current situation faced by the group and put forward the objectives and tasks of the group this year. The theme of this year's group work is to deepen the reform in an all-round way. The general train of thought and requirements are: guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we should implement the spirit of the central rural work conference and the responsible person meeting of the central enterprises, adhere to the general keynote of steady progress, guide the development of high quality with strategies, and stimulate the vitality of market operation by reform, so as to control and keep the risk of no major risks. The bottom line is to further consolidate and deepen 聯系X電競 and continuously enhance the competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and risk tolerance of the group, so as to contribute to the stable production and supply of agriculture. The group's focus in 2020: First, we must advance steadily and ensure the steady growth of high quality. We should further improve the level of strategic management and control, focus on the main responsibility and development of the main industry, improve performance appraisal methods, strengthen benchmarking management and value management, and strengthen relevant work in market value management. Two, we must forge ahead and push for breakthroughs in group reform. We should promote the establishment and improvement of market-oriented operation mechanism, deepen the reform of mixed ownership and equity diversification, improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, accomplish the task of special rectification of the headquarters organs, continue to push forward the structural reform of supply side, and organize the compilation of the strategic plan for 14th Five-Year. The three is to make every effort to achieve new achievements in tackling key core technologies. Carry out tackling key core technologies of the group, and introduce concrete measures to implement document No. 74 as soon as possible, and grasp the implementation and dynamic monitoring of R & D budget. Four is to enhance management and keep the bottom line where no major risks occur. We should complete the work objectives of reducing leverage and reducing liabilities, guard against investment risks, strengthen operational management, continue to guard against trade risks, guard against legal compliance risks, guard against safety risks, conscientiously implement the rectification requirements, and establish and improve the accountability system. Five, we should continue to exert efforts to improve the level of Party building. We should consolidate and deepen the party's political construction, consolidate and deepen the "three base construction", consolidate and deepen the building of the ranks of cadres, consolidate and deepen the propaganda work of the masses, consolidate and deepen the work of building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work.

In his speech entitled "improving the quality of quality and promoting quality and promoting the high quality development of Beijing X電競 Development Group", Wan Jun put forward the general thinking and management objective of production and operation in 2020. As for the key business in 2020, he summed it up as "13348". "1" is a main line to adhere to the structural reform of supply side. The first "3" is to support quality and efficiency, coordinated development and safety in production. The second "3" is based on market expansion, management upgrading and X電競服務 enterprises. "4" is the four major mechanisms to improve strategic control, reform and innovation, risk management and control, and examination and distribution. "8" is the eight key tasks of "planning, steady growth, quality improvement, brand building, strong management, risk prevention, safety protection and excellent X電競服務 ".

Yang Yajun, deputy director of the seven Bureau of the National Audit Office, director of the Zhao Jun, Lin Wanli, Zhang Peng and Yang Hong, the group's external directors, attended the meeting with Peng Aorui, Liang Chuanyu, Liu Hui and Liu Hui of the group leader. The group's general counsel, deputy chief economist, deputy chief accountant, head of various departments, two main enterprises and staff representatives attended more than 70 meetings.

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