Group fishery enterprises take part in the twenty-fourth Beijing International Fishery Exposition
Group general manager Wan Jun attended the opening ceremony

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October 30th --11 1, the twenty-fourth International Fisheries exposition was held at Qingdao International Expo Center. The group's reclaimed water company, reclaimed water fishery and boat fishing company participate in the fair as exhibitors. Group general manager Wan Jun, deputy general manager Liu Hui and Cao Hengzhen attended the exhibition, accompanied by Yu Kang, Vice Minister of agriculture and rural areas, and leaders of the fishery fishery administration bureau to visit the group booth.

The three fishing enterprises of the group have a new design and unique display mode. The main exhibition hall sets up the product cooking area, and the screen of the booth is displayed in real time to broadcast the promo, so that visitors can understand and experience the group's products and culture in an all-round way. The products on display include the pure marine products from ocean fishing by reclaimed water company; the series of processed products of deep cold tuna and tuna developed by Zhongshui fishery, as well as its own brand "Chinese fishing and fresh habitat", "fish Yun flow wind" and so on, which show the quality and cultural details of the high-end products of Zhongshui fishery; the traditional dry products, frozen surimi products, collagens, and so on of Zhou Yao's "Pearl". Freshwater shrimps and crabs, including leisure seafood, food and beverage products, and new barbecue products.

At the fair, the reclaimed water company held the theme of "thank you for building a dream and create brilliance". The partners from Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania and Portugal, as well as overseas and domestic customers who have established good cooperative relations with the reclaimed water company for a long time, have further promoted the complementary advantages and synergy between the plate enterprises. The high-end brand and novelty products exhibited by Beijing Water Fisheries also attracted many domestic and foreign distributors and exhibitors to negotiate, laying the foundation for future cooperation and development. The company further deepened its communication with old customers. It not only identified supply and OEM cooperation programs with network operators, traders, farmers, such as Wei, Tim cat food, etc., but also established contacts with customers from countries such as Argentina, Korea and Spain.

Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of fisheries, Fisheries Administration Bureau and Beijing oceangoing fisheries association leaders visited the group booth, listened carefully to general manager and deputy general manager of Cao Hengzhen, introduced the group situation and products, and affirmed the meticulous preparations for the group participating companies.

As the most influential aquatic product trade exhibition in the world, 53 exhibitors and 1600 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions have been gathered. The exhibition area is 100 thousand square meters, and nearly 50 thousand visitors from more than 100 countries have visited and discussed.

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Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen (former left three) visited the booth of the reclaimed water company. General manager Wan Jun (former left two) and Cao Hengzhen Deputy General Manager (first right) introduced the group and products.


Wan Jun (left four), Liu Hui (left two), Cao Hengzhen (right one) visit

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Reclaimed water fisheries booth

Wan Jun (former left two) and Liu Hui (former right two) visited the fishing boat company's booth.

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