Carry forward Gu Wenchang's spirit and further promote "two learning and one learning" Education

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Hua Nong assets Party committee members and activists joining the party watch the drama "Gu Wenchang".


The Party committee of Hua Nong assets organized the party headquarters and activists in Beijing to watch the drama "Gu Wenchang".

In order to further promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning and one learning", further enhance the cohesive force and fighting capacity of Party organizations and give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Communists, recently, the Party committee of Hua Nong assets committee and its activists and Party members in Beijing have watched the ten nine great drama "Gu Wenchang".

Gu Wenchang, a member of Linxian County in Henan Province, served as secretary of Dongshan County from 1954 to 1964. Under difficult conditions, Gu Wen Chang worked hard, dedicated to the people, honest and clean government, led the entire county military and civilian to build highways, sea embankment, tree planting, sand control and economic development, and was praised as "the public servant of the people and the good cadre of the party". In 2009, Gu Wen Chang was named the 100 person who moved Chinese characters since the founding of new Beijing . In an article entitled "potential achievements" and "outstanding achievements", general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly praised him for building an immortal monument in the hearts of ordinary people. In January 2015, when general secretary Xi Jinping talked with more than 200 county Party committee secretaries, he urged everyone to do "Four Party cadres", like Gu Wenchang, who "have the party, the heart, the people, the heart and the heart."

Through watching, everyone has said that although Gu Wenchang has been away from us for more than 30 years, but in developing "two learning and one learning" education today, his deeds are still alive and beautiful, still inspiring and inspiring. We should learn from Gu Wenchang and learn from his servants' feelings of wholeheartedly serving the people and genuinely letting the people live a good life. We should learn from him to go deep into the grass-roots level, to go deep into the reality, to go deep into the masses, to work hard for the masses, to rely on the spirit of the masses, to learn from him to be practical and realistic, to respect science, to ignore all personal gains and losses, and to take responsibility for the people. Stick upright and correctly exercise the power bestowed by the people, and never use the noble sentiment of seeking power for personal gain. All Party members of Hua Nong assets are determined to take Comrade Gu Wenchang as an example and make greater contributions to the reform and development of enterprises in their respective posts.

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