Review Jinggang Spirit and practice ideal faith

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- second training courses on red practical education held by the agriculture and seed industry

A few days ago, the Jinggangshan red practice education training class of the second phase of the agricultural seed industry was opened in Jinggangshan. The training course has arranged more abundant learning contents and training projects. 19 trainees from the agricultural and seed industry headquarters and subordinate units have accepted the idea of loving the party and patriotic red culture, and have achieved good results in training.

In September 25th, the training class was held in Jinggangshan red culture and education college. Peng Zhaoqiu, President of Jinggangshan red culture and Education Institute, delivered a speech. Chen Zhangrui, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the agricultural seed industry company, made a mobilization speech. Li Fang, the chief accountant of the company, the Secretary of the board of directors and the director of the discipline inspection and supervision room, accepted the Banban banner. In his mobilization speech, Chen Zhangrui pointed out that the red party practice education training class of the Party committee of the company is a powerful measure to implement the comprehensive and strict administration of the party and promote the institutionalization of learning and education in "two learning and one learning". The party members who participate in the training must thoroughly understand the essence of Jinggangshan spirit through this study and training, further enhance the "Four Consciousnesses", and inherit and carry forward the "self consciousness" in Jinggangshan. The entrepreneurial spirit of strength and hard struggle firmly establishes the sense of purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. In practical work, it persists in the work style of combining theory with practice and seeking truth from facts, and meets the party's nineteen great triumph with full mental state and outstanding achievements. He hoped that all the students should straighten out their learning attitude, eliminate all interference, and devote themselves to learning and training with good mental state and full political enthusiasm. By accepting the baptism of red culture education in Jinggangshan, they can really improve their thinking and understanding. Two, we must conscientiously abide by the various systems of the training class, obey the arrangements of the college and teachers, and conscientiously safeguard the agricultural development. A good image of the seed industry; three, we must abide by the rules, pay attention to what we say and do, strictly observe the eight Central regulations, and do not commit any violation of discipline.

During the training, the students wore red army clothes, followed the footsteps of the Red Army, paid tribute to the revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Jinggangshan, laid a wreath for the revolutionary martyrs, took the long march road, made a meal of Red Army meals, visited the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, and relied on the glorious course of Jinggangshan struggle. We went to the site of the old house, the small well Red Army Hospital, the big well zhu Mao old residence, the Huang Yang circle, the Longjiang academy and the Maoping octagonal building, and went to the historical scene, deeply felt the heroic spirit of the Red Army soldiers loyal to faith, the unyielding spirit and the selfless spirit sacrificing everything for the revolution. Through experience teaching, thematic teaching and interactive teaching, the students touched the red history personally, and had a deeper understanding of the Jinggangshan spirit of "firm belief, hard struggle, seeking truth from facts, innovating the road, relying on the masses and winning the victory", and enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of being a qualified party member.

In September 29th, the second phase of Jinggangshan red education and training was successfully concluded. At the end of the class, the participants talked freely about the experience gained from participating in learning and training. They said that they had been trained through their participation in learning and training, and their ideals and beliefs were sublimated in red practical education. In the future work, we will always bear in mind and carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan, internalize our hearts, externalize our work, and run the spirit of Jinggangshan in our work. We should give full play to the exemplary role of Party members, set our posts on the ground, strive for excellence, and devote ourselves to the spirit of a more energetic position in the post practice so as to work hard for the reform and development of the company.

In the summary of training, He Caiwen, deputy general manager of agriculture and seed industry, hoped that trainees would bring Jinggangshan spirit back to their respective jobs. In the main battlefield of enterprise innovation and development, Party building work should be guided, and company strategy should be guided to strive for the company's "13th Five-Year" strategic planning goals in their respective posts.

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