Reclaimed water fishery goes to Shan Dan horse farm to learn and exchange 聯系X電競 work

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A few days ago, the learning team led by Hu Shibao, deputy secretary and general manager of the water fishery Committee, studied and exchanged 聯系X電競 work in Shandan horse farm.

After arriving at Shandan horse farm, the study group first visited Shandan horse farm, potato seed potato breeding base and Shandan military horse farm exhibition hall. Wang Yongjun, general manager of Shandan racetrack, briefly introduced Shandan Racecourse in recent years in the production and operation, and in the animal X電競 , breeding of agricultural science and technology innovation achievements.

In the subsequent Forum on Party building work, the two sides respectively introduced the eighteen 聯系X電競 work, achievements and accumulated experience. Wang Yongjun said: Shandan Racecourse has a long history, and veteran members of the veteran army have devoted their whole life to the construction and development of the racecourse. Their hard work, dedication, hard work, dedication and good working style are the most valuable assets of the racecourse. The new generation Racecourse has inherited the fine traditions of the older generation, and has not been discouraged or discouraged in the difficult situation, and has been courageous in making progress. The more difficult it is, the more it reflects the role of the party members and the exemplary leading role in the difficult times. The more it reflects the importance of the 聯系X電競 work, it lays a solid foundation for the reform and development of enterprises and turning losses into profits.

In his speech, Hu Shibao pointed out that since the eighteen great efforts, the reclaimed water fishery has attached great importance to the work of Party building. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the SASAC Party committee and the Party committee of the group, we have made progress in grasping ideological and political learning, improving the organizational system and grasping the exemplary role of Party members. The Special Representative Office of Fiji is overseas. They take 聯系X電競 as the starting point, uphold and carry forward the pioneering spirit of hard struggle, carry out various forms of ideological education according to local conditions, strive to improve the political quality of employees, firmly establish the spirit of enterprise as the master of the family, and work in a clean and self-discipline manner, achieving remarkable results, and being awarded the "advanced grassroots party organization" by the SASAC Party committee. Reputation title.

Through this study and communication, both sides feel that they have made great achievements, indicating that they will continue to deepen their interaction and learning in the future, and constantly improve and enhance the level of Party building in enterprises.


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