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Bulletin of violation of discipline and law

In September 11, 2019, the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision commission exposed 3 mental problems that violate the eight provisions of the Central Committee. Among them, Luo Jiqi, a deputy manager of Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County Landscaping Co., Ltd., is a public tourist.

According to the investigation, in October 2018, Luo Jiqi led a team of 3 people to travel to cities and scenic spots in Sichuan Province in the name of training, and spent more than 1.09 yuan on public funds. In addition, Luo Jiqi also had other disciplinary problems.

In June 2019, Luo Jiqi was punished by government affairs, and the funds for discipline violation had been retreated. The relevant responsible persons are dealt with accordingly.

Event review

Shizhu County Landscaping Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in urban landscaping, flowers and seedlings planting and marketing. Luo Jiqi has been working in the company since 2003. Since September 2017, Luo Jiqi has been deputy manager of the company and presided over the company's overall work.

In September 2018, the garden greening company received an invitation letter from an agricultural Limited by Share Ltd in Sichuan, inviting the company to send people to participate in the 2018 Chengdu landscape greening management and maintenance technology exchange training meeting.

Luo Jiqi swept away the invitation, and immediately decided to take part in the training by himself and his company employee Xiong, a company's business cooperation enterprise, a flower plantation owner, and arranged a loan of 11 thousand yuan from the company's cashier's office to spend money on training expenses. In order to facilitate the trip, Luo Jiqi also borrowed a private off-road vehicle from his friend. He drove to Chengdu by Li Mou to take part in the training.

In October 20th, when Luo Jiqi informed the leaders of the county's Urban Management Bureau of the company's business guidance department with WeChat, a group of 3 people drove from the county seat to Chengdu. On the highway, Xiong began to contact the agricultural company meeting group responsible for the meeting, and consulted the related matters.

"Manager Luo, the check-in time was November 20th, and we made a mistake about the meeting time." After hearing the exact answer from the phone, bear was dumbfounded and hurried to report to Luo Jiqi.

"What? Did I misread the time? Luo Jiqi quickly turned the invitation letter out of his briefcase and looked at it carefully, only to find that he had made a mistake in his time.

"All of them have already started. Now that the training will not be able to join us, let's play tricks on some of the scenic spots in Sichuan and take a look at the greening seedlings there." Luo Jiqi immediately decided to change his schedule and go out to distract himself.

That evening, Luo Jiqi and his party arrived in the urban area of Mount Emei, where they settled down for a rest. In the next 4 days, Luo Jiqi and others played in Mount Emei, Qingchengshan and Chengdu. It was not until the morning of October 25th that Luo Jiqi and his party drove back from Chengdu to Shizhu.

During the trip, Luo Jiqi spent a total of 10983 yuan on the expenses of accommodation, food, scenic spots and so on.

Investigate and deal with

In November 2018, the real name of the masses reported that Luo Jiqi, deputy manager of Shizhu County Landscaping Co., Ltd. was traveling in public funds in the name of training.

After receiving the report, the inspection committee of the Shizhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the discipline inspection and supervision group of the County Finance Bureau jointly established the verification team to find relevant personnel to talk and obtain documentary evidence to verify the problem clues. To find out the truth, the inspection team found Luo Ji Qi to understand the situation.

"What is your company employee Xiong Mou borrowing public money 11 thousand yuan is how to return a responsibility?" The inspector asked.

"In October 2018, I arranged for Xiong to borrow 11 thousand yuan from the company's cashier for public funds to spend money on Landscaping Management and maintenance technology training in Chengdu."

"Who will attend the training in Chengdu?"

"A total of 3 people, led by me, a company worker Xiong Mou, flower planting field responsible person li Mou."

"When is the specific time of your departure? Have you ever been to any training places?

"Because I missed the time of the meeting, we started off from Shizhu in October 20th, a month ahead of the time of the meeting. That evening we arrived in the urban area of the Mount Emei, where we stayed for a night. In the morning of October 21st, we went shopping in the city and visited the Mount Emei scenic area in the afternoon. In October 22nd, we went to Qingchengshan to play and did not attend the training.

The verification team looked at the relevant documentary evidence, retrieved the comparison reimbursement vouchers, and found the relevant personnel to talk separately, and finally confirmed the fact that Luo Jiqi took advantage of the training in the name of public funds to travel. After three people returned to Shizhu, after the approval and approval of Luo Ji Qi, Xiong was prepared to reimburse the outgoing food and lodging invoices totaling 4097 yuan according to the procedures. 6886 yuan for scenic spots tickets and vehicle refueling fees and highway toll, Luo Jiqi intends to reimburse other ways.

"Because of their weak sense of discipline, knowing that training time was mistaken, it was unauthorized to change the route, and to travel in public funds under the name of training, which violated the spirit of the eight Central regulations. Fortunately, I must learn from it and reflect deeply. " Luo Jiqi deeply regretted it.

In June 2019, the Shizhu County Commission gave Luo Jiqi administration a record of punishment. The rest of the officers were dealt with accordingly, and all the disciplinary fees were retreated. (newspaper correspondent Li Wenhua)

Lack of discipline and discipline is the root cause of discipline violation.

In this case, Luo Jiqi and others violating discipline, it seems that Luo Ji Ji misunderstood the time of registration of the technical exchange training, and drove to the highway, so he decided to go to the scenic spots in Sichuan for a temporary decision.

Careful analysis reveals that the lack of discipline and discipline is the real reason why Luo Jiqi and others violate discipline. The old saying goes: "lost and found is not far away." Luo Jiqi found that after failing to report the time, he decided not to return to the next exit at the high speed road. Instead, he went "one way" and ran to the scenic spots in Sichuan and paid the related expenses with public funds. This reflects his rather weak sense of discipline.

In fact, the awareness of discipline and discipline is not only reflected after they get on the highway, but also in the whole process of the incident. After receiving the invitation letter, Luo Jiqi did not ask the relevant leaders of the state owned assets affairs center of the competent department for advice, nor did he consult with the members of the company team. He decided to attend the meeting on his own. As the person in charge of the overall work of the company, he did not fulfill the formalities of approval (filing) before leaving the work place. He only used WeChat to know the relevant leaders of the Urban Management Bureau of the business guidance department. A meeting was made; the invitation was held by him, resulting in no chance for others to know the exact time to report and find out the mistake; the generosity of the public paid for the expenses of 3 people playing with public funds. From beginning to end, even if Luo Jiqi wake-up in one of his links and thinks of discipline rules, things will probably not go against discipline.

For Party members and cadres, discipline rules are both constraints and protection. Discipline rules are weak, and when discipline is often unable to remember discipline rules, an accidental factor may lead to discipline violations; discipline is strong and strong, and the string is stretched in the brain. If we want to allow discipline rules to allow for no permission, then we can make mistakes or make fewer mistakes, even if we are careless for a moment, we can detect and correct them in time.

(Yin Jian)

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