Beijing X電競 Development Group actively promotes stable production and supply based on "three rural issues"

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Beijing X電競 Development Group has persisted in grasping the epidemic prevention and control and production and management, scientifically and orderly promoting the resumption of production and resuming production, and actively contributing to the stable production and supply of agriculture. The main practice was published by the SASAC's "economic operation dynamics of state-owned enterprises" (the thirty-first issue of the resumption of production and rehabilitation). The relevant contents are published below (the topic is editors added) for reference. ?

Beijing X電競 Development Group, based on "three rural issues", serving "three rural issues", and ensuring stable production and supply, is committed to carrying out epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, scientifically and orderly promoting the resumption of production and resuming production, and putting all the measures together to get through the blocking point of the industrial chain, so as to fully protect the production and supply of spring ploughing materials such as animal vaccines, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural machinery. As of April 1st, the subprime enterprises' recovery rate was 96.2%, and the 6 sub families that did not reopen were mainly invested in new companies.

First, strengthen overall planning and give full play to the leading role of the Party committee.

The Party committee of Beijing agricultural development group acted swiftly and launched a series of measures for epidemic prevention and rehabilitation. First, strict prevention and control of epidemic situation. Set up an emergency leading body led by the main leaders, adhere to the whole group of chess, leading members of the leading group, and the working groups at all levels perform their duties conscientious. All units designated special epidemic prevention and control personnel, set up health records for returning workers, implement work environment killing, full temperature measurement, and registration system. Two, we must pay close attention to production operation. Establish the operation monitoring and dispatching mechanism during the epidemic period, strengthen the pre research and pre judgment, and timely coordinate and solve the outstanding contradictions and difficulties in the production; compare the group's annual work plan, implement the requirements of inventory management and responsibility promotion, ensure that the annual key tasks and business tasks are put in place, recover the losses caused by the epidemic, and require the sub enterprises at all levels to arrange the resumption rhythm and production capacity reasonably. We must strengthen production safety, and resolutely prevent accidents caused by rush and rush to work, and effectively ensure stable supply of product X電競服務 s.

Two, promote production, scientifically and orderly promote recovery and production.

The group organizes the enterprises that need urgent production data and animal disease prevention and control medicine production and supply, and actively applies for permission from the local government to resume production in a timely manner, and encourages qualified enterprises to work overtime and stabilize production and increase production to make up for the shortage caused by the epidemic. The fishing enterprises should strengthen ship safety management, improve the efficiency of ship repair, suspend crew rotation and leave, make ship scheduling and stock preparation ahead of time, closely track market changes, effectively organize production, and ensure stable production and operation of overseas projects. As of April 1st, 61 thousand tons of deep-sea fishing increased by 76.1% over the same period last year. Inner Mongolia animal X電競 company, a livestock drug manufacturer, has a clear idea of "giving priority to production and postponed other work". For some badly needed jobs, the replacement mode of "party members and cadres should go up" is implemented to ensure that the assets of veterinary drug production related to the national economy and people's livelihood are obtained and supplied, and that the therapeutic drug, Tai Wan Xin Su, is fully loaded. As of April 1st, the output was year-on-year. Increase 4.2 times. It is difficult to overcome the shortage of personnel and agricultural machinery in Shandan Racecourse of the planting enterprise. Reasonable deployment will ensure that the limited manpower and material resources play the most effective role, and rush to collect 200 thousand mu of oat grass covered with snow cover years ago, and work overtime to produce potato tissue culture seedlings, so as to lay a good foundation for subsequent planting and transplanting in the shed area.

Three, catch spring defense, work overtime to ensure vaccine supply.

Spring is a high incidence season for animal diseases. The Zhengzhou plant of Qian Yuan Hao, a Beijing Animal Husbandry Group owned by the Beijing X電競 Development Group, is actively implementing the central enterprises to ensure the supply of avian influenza vaccine. First, communication and coordination with territorial management units can effectively overcome the difficulties of closing the expressway and ensuring the continuous supply of materials such as eggs and chicken embryos. The two is overtime work, continuous overload production, during the Spring Festival also has not stopped work, to the maximum capacity to meet the 2020 avian flu spring defense market demand. As of April 1st, the utilization rate of antigen capacity reached 159%, the output increased by 28% over the same period, the capacity utilization rate of emulsified sub packaging reached 115%, and the output increased by 44% over the same period last year.

Four, protect spring ploughing, take measures to help farm production.

The group takes the spring plowing as an important task of orderly resumption of production, and makes great contributions to the good start of agricultural production in Beijing . First, guarantee the supply of agricultural materials for spring ploughing. The agriculture and seed industry has overcome many difficulties such as traffic control and labor shortage during the epidemic period, and organized party members and cadres to take the lead in line, set up emergency processing and distribution teams, unify into factory isolation dormitories, work overtime to finish the work of seed blending, processing, getting on and off, and so on. It is also effective to guarantee the supply of spring ploughing seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. The two is to help farm production of spring ploughing and summer harvesting. The giant Ming company is a state key agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise. During the epidemic period, the company actively coordinated the transportation department, and carried out the vehicle passage procedures quickly, guaranteed the production material supply and the delivery channel unimpeded, formulated the full load task quantity index, the wheat machine, the corn machine and the flower vitality three production lines started comprehensively, the factory level leader personally hung up each workshop, urged the coordination implementation. Production tasks, to ensure the supply of agricultural machinery. Recently, with the gradual release of logistics control and the gradual improvement of the agricultural machinery market, the company has increased the intensity of its distribution and guaranteed more than 20 shipments per day. Up to April 1st, the total delivery volume has reached 956 units, helping the spring ploughing summer harvest.

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