Grass-roots line

  • Join hands and work together to overcome the hardship -- Chung Ken and Australia A2 are working together to fight the disease.

    One side is difficult, eight sides support! At the critical moment of the prevention and control of the new crown disease in Beijing , the medical and nursing forces in the whole country rush to Wuhan and Hubei.


  • To write "the sound of spring" in the battle "epidemic" -- three cases of Shandan Racecourse in a comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic situation

    The prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a "war", and it is a "big test" for the grass-roots governance capability. In this major examination, three operations in Shandan Racecourse have been carried out rapidly, giving full play to the strong fortress and Party members' exemplary vanguard role of the party organization, guiding the 聯系X電競 to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, directing the implementation of policies, making precise efforts, and building "red protective wall" with the initial intention.


  • Guarding the prison, fighting for the pioneers and taking the role of courage as the "red line" of the "plague" in the battle of Beijing livestock X電競

    Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the party organizations at all levels of the animal X電競 have moved and led the party members and cadres to fight at the grass-roots level of the epidemic prevention and control. Many commanding pioneers, anti epidemic pioneers, love pioneers, volunteer pioneers and publicity pioneers have sprung up. They do not forget their minds, bear in mind their mission, stick to their posts, advance command, rush to the front line, work selflessly, and arrange the deployment of epidemic prevention and control, where there are party members standing on the front line. A branch is a battle fortress. A party member is a "warrior" who co builds the red plague defense line at the grassroots level.


  • Beijing animal X電競 corporation takes the initiative to fight against the epidemic.

    Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee has conscientiously studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, important instructions and the decision and deployment of his superiors, and quickly set up the leading group of the company's new crown virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, and carried out prevention and control work under the unified command and deployment of the Party committee of the company. On the one hand, on the one hand, we should overcome difficulties and resume production as soon as possible, and ensure the normal order of production and operation. On the other hand, we should actively fulfill the social responsibilities of the central enterprises, carry forward the spirit of great love and unity, and contribute to the Hubei area where the epidemic is raging, so as to contribute to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.


  • Reclaimed water company double line war "epidemic" when

    Since the start of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control war, the Party committee of the reclaimed water company has attached great importance to the work mechanism, with the fastest speed, and has implemented the prevention and control measures with the strongest strength, and has made plans from the best angle, which has laid a solid foundation for winning the battle of "epidemic".


  • Shandan Racecourse epidemic prevention and control do not slacken production and operation without stopping

    A few days ago, Gansu's epidemic prevention and control was adjusted to three level emergency response. Zhangye immediately issued a circular. Since February 24th, all roads and traffic quarantine cards have been cancelled and all urban and rural trains have resumed normal operation. In the face of the increase and flow of foreign personnel, the leadership team of Shandan horse farm on February 24-25 first inspecting and supervising the production and work at the grass-roots level to guide the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, comprehensively grasp the situation of personnel dynamics and the production of spring and animal X電競 , and promptly follow up and update the differential epidemic prevention and control measures, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation are "double propulsion".


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