Join hands and work together to overcome the hardship -- Chung Ken and Australia A2 are working together to fight the disease.

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One side is difficult, eight sides support! At the critical moment of the prevention and control of the new crown disease in Beijing , the medical and nursing forces in the whole country rush to Wuhan and Hubei.

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A2 Australia is an important partner of Chung Ken Shanghai company. It is a company that has deep roots with Chinese and Chinese consumers. In order to provide assistance to Beijing in fighting against the epidemic, A2 has provided an emergency donation worth ten million yuan to Beijing , of which five million yuan has been donated to the health care workers in Hubei and Wuhan, as well as the first line of the epidemic. Infected hospitals and workers, A2 milk powder worth five million yuan was directly delivered to more than ten thousand front-line anti epidemic personnel. In addition, one million yuan was donated to University of Queensland and Research Institute of Australia to support the research and development of the new crown vaccine.

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As a partner of A2 in Australia, Chung Ken company and its Shanghai company have also made great efforts. During the epidemic period, the Shanghai reclamation company, in the face of difficulties and difficulties, first organized manpower and material resources to return to work in advance to ensure the clearance and delivery of A2 goods in the special period, so that A2 infant milk powder arrived in the hands of Chinese families in time and sent warmth and protection in difficult times. In order to cooperate with the donation of A2, the Shanghai company has directly participated in the formulation and implementation of the donation scheme, and is responsible for coordinating with the Red Cross and other related parties, leading the work of all aspects of donation, so that the love and kindness of A2 can be transmitted to the epidemic line in good time.

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Hard times, watching and helping each other! A2 sent a thank-you letter to the Chung Ken company, expressing its heartfelt thanks to the Shanghai company for its selfless help during the epidemic period and its confidence in long-term cooperation with the company. For the selfless donations of A2, both the reclamation company and the Chinese people will also give the most sincere thanks. Cooperation has brought us together. The critical period has witnessed our friendship. We will be able to work together to overcome the difficulties and usher in the final victory in the fight against epidemics, and usher in a better tomorrow for our common development.

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