To write "the sound of spring" in the battle "epidemic" -- three cases of Shandan Racecourse in a comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic situation

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The prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a "war", and it is a "big test" for the grass-roots governance capability. In this major examination, three operations in Shandan Racecourse have been carried out rapidly, giving full play to the strong fortress and Party members' exemplary vanguard role of the party organization, guiding the 聯系X電競 to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, directing the implementation of policies, making precise efforts, and building "red protective wall" with the initial intention.

Please be assured of the most powerful pledge of the epidemic prevention line.

After the outbreak, the three party committees of the Shandan Racecourse were set up in a timely manner to form a new leading group for the joint prevention and control of the epidemic of pneumonia. The main leaders were commanding by the front, and the grass-roots party organizations were both the vanguards of the prevention and control, the party Commandos, and the propaganda and mobilization teams, which escorted the people's health and safety, and raised the party flag to the forefront of fighting against the epidemic prevention and control.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic prevention and control, the three places in the Shandan Racecourse have been set up 1 checkpoints at the entrance of the main road, and 11 bayonets in the key parts of the entry units. The total number of people participating in the epidemic prevention is 116, with a daily average of 46 people. 24 hours are observed on duty. The body temperature measurement, disinfection and registration are encouraged to return to the outside admission personnel. Ask.

The "branch" in the "epidemic" line cohesion ?

A branch is a fortress. In order to further strengthen strict discipline and promote the epidemic prevention and control work in a forceful and orderly manner, we must resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control. The three party committees and the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shandan Racecourse have issued a proposal to three party branches and all Communists for all Party members and cadres and staff members, and put forward eight "strict prohibitions" on the prevention and control of epidemic situation. We call on Party members and cadres and workers to enhance their knowledge of scientific prevention and control, establish a correct sense of public opinion, maintain a normal life order, jointly safeguard social stability, and participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic scientifically and rationally.

Each party branch strictly implements the division of responsibilities, and carries out Gridding Management on the returned personnel. It finds the trend at the first time, reports and checks and controls immediately. We should give prominence to the prevention and control of key places, key groups and key links, carry out inspection and inspection on farms, foreign vehicles and personnel, and strictly implement the system of emergency duty and "daily report" and "zero report" of epidemic situations.

Party members fight in the "epidemic" line

In the case of urgent shortage of prevention and control materials, Party members and cadres participating in duty prevention and control still run around every corner of epidemic prevention and control. In the active action of "epidemic line", they actively play a vanguard and exemplary role and strive to be the "close heart" of the masses and the backbone of war.

Asking the way, asking the place and measuring the body temperature all over the place, it can not be separated from the mask, but it is impossible to stop and urge the residents to gather less and go out. One round of changing jobs, until late at night, we all sympathize with each other, all want to put more burden on themselves, but in the epidemic prevention and control work, no one has taken the pace of going home first.

Doctors and nurses are carrying heavy sprayers to each residential building, and they go to multiple offices to disinfect public areas. They took pains to observe the temperature of the quarantine personnel for home medical observation, explain their knowledge about disease prevention and control, and communicate with the office in time to solve the living difficulties of the isolation workers.

Volunteers glow in the "epidemic" line.

During the winter vacation, Cao Junsheng and other three workers and staff members volunteered to apply for prevention and control work. They became a volunteer at the racecourse, and became the propagandist, participants and demonstrators of the epidemic prevention and control. They did everything they could to contribute their strength, and interpreted the most beautiful background of volunteers' dedication with action. Different answers.

Let's work together. There's no trifling disease. Listen to me.

While doing a good job of investigation and control, Shandan Racecourse three venues make full use of WeChat public numbers, WeChat group, friends circle, QQ group and other new media platforms to publicize the epidemic prevention and control work in real time, pushing X電競新聞 to a total of more than 1600. Timely issuing relevant policies and proposals of the central, provincial, municipal and county levels. The loudspeaker at the entrance of the field is broadcasting the epidemic prevention knowledge in high frequency, long time and full range in a way that is easy to understand and enjoy, making the masses truly internalized and externalized.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of publicity, Shandan Racecourse has more than 100 printing and distributing publicity banners and armbands in three fields. Each unit takes full advantage of propaganda columns, walls and other carriers, and hangs slogans, health knowledge and other epidemic prevention and control X電競新聞 contents. Up to now, more than 1000 publicity leaflets on epidemic prevention and control have been issued.

To gather the positive energy of the war epidemic, the Shandan Racecourse three times excavated and publicized the typical figures and examples of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in time, so that the people around them could speak good things around them, let the side events inspire people around them, play the power of example, and transmit positive energy.

Production line - the most beautiful adherence is the best retrograde.

The epidemic must be controlled and production must not stop. Shandan Racecourse three venues, in a resolute and comprehensive implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures under the premise, and steadily promote enterprises to resume production, to seize the progress, make up for losses, press the resumption of production, "fast forward key." All the party members and cadres, staff house, small family, for everyone, give up vacation, stick to their posts, fulfill their duties, the epidemic "battlefield" as a test of the initial mission of the "examination room", without conditions, no discount, do not reduce work standards and efficiency, and strive to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, adhere to the epidemic prevention and control and safety production two.  

Affected by the continuous rain and snow weather, nearly three acres of oat grass can not be bundled for harvest. During the epidemic prevention, three members of the Shandan horse farm three times went deep into the field to investigate the situation of not harvested oat grass plots. Brainstorming and breaking the Convention, we put forward solutions to the work of bundling and harvesting the thicker plots along the mountain area and the relatively thin snow plots.

"Epidemic prevention and control can win, production work for the upper reaches". Recently, Shandan racecourse, three teams, six teams, 1700 acres of oat grass were not tied up, and the party flag was flying. The three party 13 branches of Shandan Racecourse jointly launched the Thematic Party Day activities. 91 party members and cadres wore the party emblem. While doing personal protection, they dispersed their operations and cleared the snow in the fields.

 WeChat pictures 20200402170036.png

Oat grass is not tied up, and the party flag is flying.

In order to speed up the progress of harvesting, members of various branches promptly contacted the growers to return to the team, and promptly carried out operations on the plots that could be operated. They publicize and guide the workers to do personal protection, keep distance, disperse their work, and eliminate personnel who had to put in the oat grass field for clearing snow and bundling. Measures such as measurement, access control, and so on, and try our best to provide convenience and X電競服務 s for production and daily life. We must strive for epidemic prevention and control and production X電競服務 s in two ways.

 WeChat pictures 20200402170040.jpg

Bundles of oat grass are being bundled.

While carrying out the operations during the orderly completion of the epidemic situation, the branch should insist on doing a good job in the work of fire prevention and safety, especially those who stacked grass and grass, and sign a fire prevention agreement with them, set up fire warning signs around the haystack, hang fire prevention propaganda slogans, and strengthen the awareness of safety and fire prevention during the epidemic period. Up to now, oat harvesting has been completed.

In the virus-free potato breeding center, the workers entered the accelerated period of virus free propagation. Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the planned reproduction of the original plan has only completed 30% of the planned capacity in the early February. In February 2nd, after the resumption of production and rehabilitation of the breeding center, the shortage of seedlings workers was the most important problem. The three general manager of the Shandan racecourse, Zhao Shengjun and party secretary Tang Pingnian, coordinated with the local departments many times to ensure the timely employment of the workers. They went to the production site to know the preventive and control measures, the Disinfection Situation and the physical condition of the production workers. Production is in practice. To ensure that the epidemic prevention production is two, we should standardize the production of every bottle of high quality potato virus free seedling to ensure the production quality and quantity is over fulfilled according to the plan.

Earnestly implement the group industry poverty alleviation project. Actively communicate with the government and relevant departments in Xiaoxian, formulate plans for planting, actively communicate with Xiaoxian production managers in a timely manner through network, mail, etc., and guide the normal development of planting work. According to the deployment of Shandan horse farm, the donation of 118.75 tons of potato original species has been organized, laying the foundation for the next step to do a good job in Xiaoxian potato seed potato trial (poverty alleviation) project.

During the resumption and resumption of production, the three party committees of the Shandan Racecourse asked all units and Party members and cadres to achieve "five continuing" and "Five Unities". First, we must continue to strictly control all foreign personnel and vehicles. All of them will be registered and filed for the record. Two, we must continue to strictly manage the X電競服務 of key personnel returning home and stay at home in isolation. Three, we must continue to strictly implement the control and control of public places. We must not carry out centralization activities. Four, we must continue to strictly control the "red and white" activities, stop red matters and make "white matter" simple, and five, continue to carry out strict enforcement. The relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control are strictly dealt with in violation of regulations. Use the most beautiful adherence to interpret the best retrograde motion!

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