Guarding the prison, fighting for the pioneers and taking the role of courage as the "red line" of the "plague" in the battle of Beijing livestock X電競

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Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the party organizations at all levels of the animal X電競 have moved and led the party members and cadres to fight at the grass-roots level of the epidemic prevention and control. Many commanding pioneers, anti epidemic pioneers, love pioneers, volunteer pioneers and publicity pioneers have sprung up. They do not forget their minds, remember their mission, stick to their posts, command ahead and rush ahead. , Selfless work, where the epidemic prevention and control plan is deployed, there are party members standing on the front line. A branch is a Battle Fortress, and a party member is one. "Soldiers" jointly cast the red plague defense line at the grass-roots level to fight "epidemic".

Take the lead and strive to be the leader of the "command".

The party organizations at all levels of the middle herding stock always take the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production as the major political tasks at present, resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of various epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the leading role of leading cadres, and resolutely implement the "six needs", "six persistence" and "six in place", and put the responsibility for prevention and control in place. Wang Jiancheng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, commanded and co ordinate the anticipation. He stressed repeatedly: Party organizations at all levels should take a high sense of political responsibility and mission, and make every effort to perform their duties to ensure that one side is safe. Guo Liang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the board of directors, personally arranges the emergency working groups to draw up work plans and personally supervise and implement them; and the general manager Wu Dongxun is the first time. Organizing a video conference on safety production, grasping and implementing various prevention and control measures and resuming work safety production; the Party committee member and deputy general manager Zhang Zhenghai came to Shengli biology field, on-site command; the Party branch secretary and Dean Pan Chungang of the Research Institute held a special video conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing at the beginning of the month two, to deploy the epidemic prevention and control work of Chengdu Academy of animal X電競 . Shen Yonghong, the party secretary and director of the factory, went to the gate of the factory area to take the lead in implementing the prevention and control measures; Yuan Xinyu, the party secretary of the Lanzhou plant, insisted on the work concept of "where the epidemic prevention and control work was arranged and where the supervision and inspection went to". Jin Lian, the Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Inner Mongolia branch of the CPC Central Committee, was in the heart of a factory in the remote place. He drove the car back to the factory in advance and ended up driving to the factory, commanding and deploying it in person. The Secretary and director of the Jiangxi branch of the Jiangxi branch of the factory were faced with the urgent dispatch of the winning products, the first line of command, the overall coordination, and the elimination of difficulties, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of the vaccine to the animal disease prevention and control center of Ningxia; Xinxiang Hua Luo two. Team members Li Zhongbo and Jia Zhonghua first drove thousands of miles back to the factory and led more than 30 employees into the production line without hesitation, racing against the epidemic situation to ensure feed supply. ?

Abandon holidays and strive to be the pioneer of epidemic prevention, and defend the forefront of the epidemic prevention line.

Many party members gave up their vacation, volunteered and charged before, and their activities of cleaning, disinfecting, maintaining stability and production in the factory area were very active. "As a party member, we must go ahead." In Inner Mongolia, Li Chengli, Dong Zhiqiang, Zhong Jianxiang, Yang Wenqing, Chang Jianjun, Zhang Xuan, Liu Mingliang and other comrades carry forward the spirit of fearless and selfless devotion and fight bravely in the front line of production and epidemic prevention and control. Wei Kaidong, a member of Chengdu factory automobile class, and Chen Fujian, a member of the workshop, applied for the support of the first line and made a "disinfectant". Chen Bing, Wang Long and Du Baojun, members of the Lanzhou Public Security Bureau, persisted in their efforts from the Spring Festival until after the resumption of work, and overcome many difficulties, such as tight tasks, few personnel, inadequate protective equipment and inconvenient transportation and catering. Li Shaoyi, a member of the Zhengzhou construction group, returned to work from his hometown in the fourth year of the new year. Zhou Ning, the leader of the Xinxiang Beijing Material Reserve group, has made every effort to reserve the epidemic prevention materials through various channels, such as online, offline and so on, in order to win the time for factory resumption and resumption of production.

In the heart of the epidemic area, we strive to be the pioneer of love.

One side is difficult, eight sides support. In the early days of the epidemic, in January 27th, the Party committee of the CPC Central Committee launched the donation initiative for the first time. The leading group of the company, the heads of various departments of the headquarters and the heads of various units took the lead in giving donations. All the party members and cadres were actively contributing money. Many retired veteran party members from Lanzhou factory and Qian Yuan Hao factory in Zhengzhou also joined the donation ranks. The company headquarters and 22 units of 3521 units donated 547 thousand yuan. After the call of the CPC Central Committee in February 25th, 217 party members, including the general Party branches of the company, the victorious branches of the party, the victories of Inner Mongolia, Lanzhou, Tianjin, Beijing , Changchun, Beijing , Xinxiang, Beijing , Beijing, Beijing , and Changchun, were actively donated to the local Party committees. The donation amount was 59956 yuan. In the three enterprises of Hubei, Wuhan Hualong, Huanggang plant and the Central Party branch of the CPC Central Committee responded positively to the call of the local government and donated 163320 yuan to the epidemic prevention and control.

In February 7th, Beijing herd shares received a request that Hubei avian influenza vaccine be urgently needed for emergency epidemic prevention. The Party committee of the CPC Central Committee has acted swiftly, from the height of politics, at any cost, regardless of cost, to overcome difficulties and ensure full protection. Qian Yuan Hao's Zhengzhou plant was immediately stocked, eliminating difficulties and organizing the shipment. The 2 million milliliter and 600 thousand yuan worth of avian influenza vaccine arrived safely, providing strong support for supporting animal epidemic prevention and control in Hubei epidemic area.

In February 9th, in order to express his respect and love for the soldiers in the White House, the CPC Central Committee donated 192240 yuan propolis products to Huanggang Central Hospital medical staff.

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Selfless dedication striving to become a volunteer pioneer, contributing to community epidemic prevention.

Faced with the arduous work of epidemic prevention at the grass-roots level, many party members and cadres of the company have actively joined the forefront of community epidemic prevention. They have investigated the entry of households, stationed temperature measurement, issued promotional materials and procurement X電競服務 s, and interpreted the company's "four special spirits" with practical actions, contributing to the society. Cai Meng, an activist of the CPC Central Committee, joined the volunteer team of Wuxue voluntarily, regardless of personal safety and safety, and successfully completed the transformation task of Wuxue version of Xiaotangshan hospital day and night. Party members Zhou Xiuming and Chen Xuedong voluntarily give up their rest time. They stick to the card in the community every morning and come out late, and do the work of food and drug registration, issuing and patrolling for the village residents. Huang Gang's Party member, Xie Hsien, volunteered to register in the environmental disinfection work of the local government. Fu Honglu, a Chengdu factory, once again submitted to the party organization an application for joining the party in the front line of community volunteer X電競服務 , and fought side by side with her mother. It only took 2 days to complete the investigation of 176 residents. They use the most simple action to lighten the front-line of anti epidemic, and fulfill their hearts and mission to serve the people with their lives and responsibilities.

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Volunteers are in the "Wuxue version" Xiaotangshan hospital.

Blow the horn and strive for the "propaganda" pioneer to spread positive energy for the war epidemic.

There is also a special team on the battlefield to fight the epidemic, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Since January 27th, the party office (General Office) and party and group departments have entered the state of wartime propaganda. On the one hand, the Party committee's instructions have been issued in a timely manner. On the one hand, relevant knowledge and protection manuals have been released through WeChat public numbers, WeChat groups and websites. Meanwhile, donation proposals and epidemic prevention and control proposals have been formulated, and dynamic news has been released in time. The propagandists of their respective units are busy all the time. Whether they are at home or on the spot, the propagandists are always recording this extraordinary spring, an extraordinary 2020. In just more than 40 days, there are more than 50 manuscripts, 15 poems and 1 MV works. The victory biologic Party Committee Propaganda Group recorded the story of victory people's epidemic situation and protection production in a daily briefing. The Lanzhou factory showed the panoramic view of the war epidemic production in all directions in the way of continuous reporting. The reports submitted to the party by the 1 firearms submitted to the Chengdu factory showed us the anti epidemic deeds of 3 ordinary employees of Lu Daogang, Wan Shunwei and Fu Honglu. Anda used the lens to record the touching story of Lei Ju Hua, an anti epidemic woman worker. He also opened the curtain of resuming work and resumption of production with the solemn oath of ceremonies. In Inner Mongolia, Zhong Mu adopted the special flag raising ceremony to express the confidence of winning the war epidemic. Li Shuming, the Xinjiang, Wang Runguang and Ma Lu of Shengli's life group created elaborate anti epidemic poems. During the epidemic, the company's love donation news was sent to the Beijing Securities Daily. The news of the company's anti epidemic situation and the resumption of work resumed was pushed by the Beijing agriculture, forestry and water conservancy meteorological Union website. It was reprinted by CNN's CNN website, Zhong Hong network, Zhong Hong network and Beijing enterprise network. The record of victory biological anti epidemic work was published by Beijing enterprise network.

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