Beijing animal X電競 corporation takes the initiative to fight against the epidemic.

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Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee has conscientiously studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, important instructions and the decision and deployment of his superiors, and quickly set up the leading group of the company's new crown virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, and carried out prevention and control work under the unified command and deployment of the Party committee of the company. On the one hand, on the one hand, we should overcome difficulties and resume production as soon as possible, and ensure the normal order of production and operation. On the other hand, we should actively fulfill the social responsibilities of the central enterprises, carry forward the spirit of great love and unity, and donate money to the Hubei area where the epidemic is rampant, so as to contribute to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

Since February 3rd, the company has been resumed. The company's Party committee and the epidemic prevention and control leading group held several meetings to carry out the comprehensive deployment of various measures such as epidemic prevention measures, production and operation, personnel safety and material guarantee. Chairman Wang Jiancheng and general manager Xue Tingwu pointed out that it is necessary for the company to enhance political standing and to attach great importance to it, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of epidemic prevention, conscientiously implement the "Twelve measures" of Beijing and relevant requirements of Beijing X電競 Development Group, and carry out epidemic prevention and control work well. During the period of resumption and resumption of production during the epidemic period, we must strictly implement the regulations of the local governments, and adopt remote and network office as far as possible. The staff rate in the office buildings of the company headquarters is controlled within 50%. In order to ensure normal operation of the business, we should arrange scientifically and rationally, flexibly, flexibly, rush to and from work in an effort to ensure that employees are not infected with the epidemic.

All departments of the company headquarters and all mobile enterprises have been keeping close watch on animal epidemic prevention and control work in various areas. During the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Shanghai branch actively communicated with the territorial Government to provide the logistics vehicle with the "proof of livelihood insurance business" and the "green channel explanation letter" to ensure the smooth transportation of the vaccines and disinfectants and other commodities for key aquaculture enterprises related to the livelihood of the people, and help to do animal epidemic prevention in spring.

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Beijing branch and other asset management enterprises, in line with their own realities, according to the policy of classified management, strict prevention of death, blocking loopholes and precise measures, strictly implement the "four party responsibility" for epidemic prevention and control, refine all measures for epidemic prevention and control, do a good job in the management and control of commercial buildings and warehouses, and implement the system of "double floor length" in charge of enterprises and government officials, jointly responsible for the best. It is possible to eliminate blind spots and dead corners so as to ensure the orderly operation of enterprises and businesses in the region.

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In order to support the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, and actively respond to the SASAC's call, in February 22nd, all the enterprises of the central animal X電競 system donated 200 thousand yuan to the Charity Federation of Huanggang City, Hubei Province, and donated 200 thousand yuan to the Huaxing propolis capsule produced by the Wuxue Red Cross and Wuchang hospitals. Party headquarters members also enthusiastically responded to the central call and voluntarily donated more than 2.6 yuan.

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In the first time, Beijing honey company launched the "Huaxing help and guarding heroes" public welfare activities, offering love to medical personnel, grass-roots cadres and masses, public security police and community workers in the forefront of fighting the epidemic prevention and control. The employees of the company have volunteered to help their offices conduct temperature measurement, maintain access management order and kill operations, so as to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

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