The central corporate image "our road" shocked release

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The road is long and the line is coming.

Central enterprises, pioneers!

The central corporate image "our road" shocked release!

As long as the road is right, we are not afraid of distance.

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On the day I left home, I was determined to:

One day, I will build a road for my hometown.

Join the Beijing high-speed rail to build Olympic projects.

The main road of our hometown has come true.

The main road of our hometown has come true.


Our road

The road of fire and self reliance


This is a road of fire and self reliance.

70 years ago, in order to produce the first "new steel" for new Beijing ,

Before the blast furnace, the old father worked hard and sweaty.

He said: there is no steel.

There will be no skeleton to support those countries that are ready to waste.

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Central enterprises have made great achievements in iron and steel industry.

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Our road

Hard road and hard road


This is a tough and hard road.

Peng Peng spreads his wings and soars in the sky.

Every screw is impregnable.

They said: it is difficult to find two identical parts on the plane.

Assembling a plane is like completing a project.

They say: flying into the blue sky is the dream pursued by generations of Chinese people.

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Great power aviation dream come true!

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Our road

Innovation leads the way.


This is a road leading by innovation and moving forward rapidly.

The iron dragon is very close to the sky.

She said, "every wire, a thousand weight."

The efficient wiring method we create is a safety and mission.

 10_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Beijing 's high-speed rail leads the world!

 11_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Our road

A road of advance and perseverance


This is a road ahead and perseverance.

11 years ago, a tunnel, the world's most difficult to dig, began to build.

14.5 kilometers, hard driving 1.3 kilometers every year!

They said: take a mission, never say die!

Thousands of people fought hard for 11 years.

After the repair, it takes only 7 minutes to pass the train.

 13_ Iqiyi.Jpg

The big pillar mountain tunnel is open to traffic.

 14_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Our road

Dedication and persevering


This is a road of dedication and perseverence.

Far away from the land, the sea is home.

She said: more than 10000 fishermen's communication is smooth and the responsibility is bigger than the sky.

I work hard, and serve tens of thousands of families.

 16_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Chen Qiaoling stayed alone for 13 years.

 17_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Our road

Walking hand in hand and interworking with each other


This is a road of walking hand in hand and interworking with each other.

When we came here, more than 1000 of the residents here couldn't drink clean water.

The factory was built, and the tap water also flowed into the homes of the residents.

He said: we strive to make life better.

 19_ Iqiyi.Jpg
Residents of the Indonesian island of OBI finally drank clean tap water.

 20_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Our road

Co building, sharing and win-win road


This is a way to jointly build, share and win together.

Technology integration, market penetration, common development!

He said, "I am an Austrian. I joined a Chinese company a year ago.

He said: it is our common goal to make products better.

 22_ Iqiyi.Jpg

Along the way, share development with the world!

 23_ Iqiyi.Jpg

This road,

A bridge is flying, and the sky cut is thoroughfare.

Nine days to catch the moon, the five oceans roam.


This road

Take the initiative and take the initiative.

Selfless dedication is not a mission.


This road,

Openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win win.

Civilization is mutual learning, beauty and harmony.


Central enterprises, pioneers!


As long as the road is right, we are not afraid of distance.

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