Hao Peng delivered keynote speech at the Sino foreign business cooperation forum: adhere to open cooperation and work together to innovate and develop.

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At 9 a.m. on November 6th, at the second Beijing International Import fair, the Sino foreign business cooperation forum sponsored by the State Council SASAC was formally held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Hao Peng, secretary and director of the State Council's SASAC Party committee, delivered keynote speech.


The full text of the speech is as follows:

Adhere to open cooperation and join hands in innovation and development

Keynote speech at the forum of Chinese and foreign business cooperation

Hao Peng, director of the SASAC of the State Council of Beijing

(November 6, 2019)

It is a great pleasure to gather with you on the riverside of Huangpu on the grand occasion of the second Beijing International Import fair and hold the theme of "opening, cooperation, innovation and development" to hold a forum for Chinese and foreign business cooperation and discuss cooperation and common development. First, on behalf of the SASAC of the State Council, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to friends from various circles at home and abroad who have supported the cooperative development of Chinese and foreign businesses for a long time.

Yesterday, President Xi Jinping delivered an important keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the second session of the Expo, profoundly expounded the three point initiative to build an open economy, open innovation, open and shared world economy, and solemnly declared the five major initiatives of Beijing 's opening up to the world, and further clarified the promotion of a new round of high-level opening up and deepening the international cooperation of "one belt and one road". The Chinese proposition of jointly building an open world economy has further pointed out the direction and provided a fundamental basis for us to continue to push forward the opening up to a higher level. ?

Beijing 's Expo has attracted active participation from various countries and enterprises in the world. It has become a major innovation in the history of Global trade development and another important platform for international cooperation in the new era. On the basis of last year, the central enterprises under the supervision of the SASAC of Beijing 's State Council further increased cooperation with enterprises in various countries, and signed a series of procurement agreements to achieve a series of cooperation results. From the perspective of cooperation, the circle of friends is growing and partners are increasing. This year, the signing of the central enterprise procurement contract involves 87 countries and regions, an increase of nearly 20 over last year, more than 730 suppliers, an increase of 5% over the previous year, and the signing of the procurement contract agreement and the amount of intent will increase significantly over last year. From the perspective of cooperation, supply chain cooperation will continue to be solid and industry chain integration will continue to deepen. Beijing Southern Power Grid, state machinery group, general technology group and Beijing Shang Fei and other enterprises are actively purchasing key high-end equipment. Beijing nuclear group, state electric investment and Beijing Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation actively carry out international diversified nuclear energy technology cooperation, and aerospace technology, aviation industry group and other enterprises have established close cooperation with many European enterprises in aerospace field. From the perspective of cooperation, exchanges and exchanges are becoming increasingly close and cooperation will become more intense. 97 central enterprises organized more than 1400 affiliated enterprises, and nearly 21 thousand professional procurement personnel participated in the fair. The number of purchasing personnel increased by 4000 compared with last year. The newly contacted enterprises, new negotiations and more cooperation in new ideas have shown that the cooperation between the central enterprises and enterprises in various countries is extremely broad and the prospects for cooperation are excellent. Practice has proved that the cooperation between central enterprises and enterprises in various countries has not only promoted the rapid development of central enterprises to high quality, but also provided broad market opportunities, investment opportunities and growth opportunities for enterprises in various countries.

Economic globalization is a historical trend. Opening cooperation is the trend of the times. Cooperation is boundless and development is boundless. At the new starting point, we will actively promote the central enterprises to promote reform through opening up, promote development by opening up, promote innovation through opening up, deepen pragmatic cooperation with enterprises across the country, and achieve common development.

We encourage and support the central enterprises to join hands with other enterprises to make the market cake bigger. We must adhere to the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit and focus on promoting efficient allocation of resources and deep market integration. We should strive to seek the greatest common divisor of cooperation, expand the win-win interests and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive and multi-level pattern of cooperation so as to form a good situation of development and integration and sharing of interests.

We encourage and support the central enterprises and enterprises from all over the world to work hand in hand to enhance development momentum. Adhere to open innovation, take the initiative to comply with the new round of technological revolution and industrial change trend, actively promote the humanities and technological exchanges, jointly build joint laboratories, technology park cooperation, technology transfer, promote the deep integration of science and technology with the economy, promote the sharing of innovation results, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and jointly explore new technologies, new formats, new models, and better cultivate new development momentum. Expand new development space.

We encourage and support the central enterprises to work hand in hand with the enterprises from all over the world to make major projects better. Adhere to the open and joint construction, take the "one belt and one road" as the focal point, and cooperate to promote a number of major projects with good comprehensive benefits and strong driving effects. We will build a number of industrial parks with large scale effect and excellent agglomeration effect. We must adhere to the universally accepted international rules and standards through the links of project construction, operation, procurement, bidding and so on, and integrate the concept of sustainable development into project selection, implementation and management. In every aspect of the project, we should develop our strengths and complement each other in the project construction so as to achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

We encourage and support the central enterprises to work hand in hand with enterprises from all over the world to make the cooperation mechanism practical. Adhere to open sharing, actively participate in various international industry summit, high-level forum and other exchange activities, build more high-level cooperation platform, transform the understanding and trust between enterprises into practical actions of open cooperation, explore cooperative development of the third party market, joint bidding and other forms, form a more friendly and stable cooperative relationship, and continuously increase for sustainable development. Dynamic vitality, so that the fruits of development will benefit more countries and people.

Ladies and gentlemen! After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, Beijing 's state-owned enterprises have been integrated with the market economy, and have become independent market participants who follow market rules and participate in market competition equally. At present, the SASAC of the State Council is actively promoting the further deepening of the reform of the central enterprises, developing the mixed ownership economy, promoting the structural adjustment and layout optimization, increasing scientific and technological innovation, enhancing the level of marketization, internationalization and rule of law, and striding toward the development of high quality, which contains a lot of cooperation opportunities. We sincerely welcome enterprises from all over the world to take an active part in the huge business opportunities of the reform and development of the central enterprises.
Ladies and gentlemen! The beauty of autumn color lies in its colourful and colorful beauty, and the beauty of autumn harvest stems from hard work. Let us join hands and sow the seeds of cooperation, and we will reap the fruits of development and make greater contributions to the interests of enterprises, the growth of the world economy and the happiness of people of all countries.

Thank you! ?

[editor in charge: Zhang Xiaozhe]

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