Do "pioneer" of North Tai squid fishing -- Record of "National worker pioneer" boat No. 6788

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In the boundless and surging North Pacific Ocean, hundreds of deep-sea squid fishing boats from the coastal areas of our country are ploughing all over the sea in this sea of wind, waves, and uncertainty. In this vast fleet of oceangoing ships, there is a leader who is named "Beijing worker pioneer" by the all Beijing Federation of trade unions (CTU), the 678 round boat of Beijing X電競 Development Group.

"Iron barracks, flowing soldiers", "steel fishing vessels, and crew of water", from the launching of the fishing boat No. 678 in May 1993, into the pellet squid production. The crew members of several generations of boats and fishermen threw their ions through the strong will and perseverance of the ordinary people. They were not afraid of hardship, and were brave and hardships, living in the sea and accompanying the waves. The first line of the Pacific squid fishing is the development of the deep-sea fishing industry in the country, and the dedication of the agricultural development business to its youth. In recent years, under the leadership of Comrade Zheng Dailong, the 678 round of boat fishing has won the first place in all the North Pacific production vessels in succession. The annual production efficiency of the single ship ranks the top of the fleet, and it keeps the achievement of no accidents in successive years.

Team with strong combat effectiveness and cohesive force

There are only 20 people in the 678 round of boat fishing, but they are a fishing team that is united, fighting and cohesive. The annual production of the North Pacific squid jigging season is only six months. In the night when the wind and waves are high, the night is black and the wind is high and the hands can't reach five fingers, on the deck where the hull is swaying vigorously and even standing, the crew members have to pull more than more than 500 tons of fish in every production season by their own hands.

It is far from enough to produce light at sea. The decision-making level and management experience of the boatman play a crucial role. The 678 round captain Zheng Dailong is a famous high-yield "boatman" in the fishing industry. As a ship's captain, it is his first duty to do well in organizing and scheduling the whole ship. He knows very well that to win high production, every decision and order of a ship is related to the safety, life and production efficiency of the fleet, and to the revenue of every crew. Listening to the weather, watching the trend and analyzing the dynamics of the fish are his daily homework. Over the years, he has made precise decisions, calm command, and bold management with extraordinary experience and level. He has won the trust and respect of all of us with excellent performance.

Chief mate Gong Jiuming is an old seafarer who insists on producing at sea for many years. As the production site command, he always appears first on deck before fishing day, and the last one returns to the cabin. Squid fishing is different from other methods of production. It is produced every night and fish products are processed during the day. In order to organize production operations, arrange fishing preparations, check fishing planes, manage fish to freeze, and other preparatory work and technical links, we must be meticulous and not slack. Gong Jiuming has a wealth of first-line management experience. He must do everything in his power and grasp the details without loosening up. In the long years of production and labor, he has established a deep brotherhood with his crew.

Cao Hongjun is the captain of the 678 round of boat fishing. He has excellent technical skills and is recognized as a marine expert in the eyes of the crew. The 678 round of production is very old, and the aging of mechanical power equipment is serious. To maintain normal operation and ship safety, it will test the technology and responsibility of the chief engineer. Therefore, no matter whether it is routine maintenance or equipment operation during operation, he always takes care of all the machinery and equipment on the ship as well as his own child, so as to ensure the normal operation of the production equipment. For more than ten years, fishing has never been delayed due to equipment problems.

Squid jigging is a labor-intensive industry. The overall coordination ability and level of the team are important prerequisites for ensuring efficient ship production. The conditions of production at sea are difficult and difficult for ordinary people to imagine. Every year, some crew members will quit because of their inability to adapt. The frequent flow of crew causes the new crew to affect production because of low proficiency. How to improve the crew's squid fishing operation skills, let the new crew master fishing skills and essentials as soon as possible, and explore 678 sets of management experience and operation rules from the fishing boat's fishing experience for many years. From the hook to the line, from the fishing line to the fishing line, the old crew will teach the new crew to grasp the practical operation skills of squid fishing as soon as possible. Thus ensuring the stability and continuous improvement of the output of the whole ship.

No accidents in successive years of safe production

Ocean fishing is recognized by the industry as a high-risk and high-risk industry. The country has set 10000 casualties per year for oceangoing fishing, indicating that its safety accidents are prone to occur. The crew of the 678 round knew very well about the principle of "three points of sail and shoulders the responsibility". Therefore, no matter when sailing or in the course of operation, whether the captain or the general crew, there is no slack in the safety of production. Especially in bad weather, we should be vigilant and vigilant. Due to the great importance attached to the thought and the strengthening of division of labor and responsibilities in production, the 678 round became a "safety pacesetter" for the annual production of boat fishing companies.

The 678 round has a strict set of safety production rules and regulations. Before the production of the ship, there should be targeted safety training for organizing the topic. In the daily production summary, safety production analysis is indispensable, and corrective and preventive measures are put forward in view of the potential safety hazards and signs on the day. Emphasis is placed on the key control points of production safety in various production sectors, from ship navigation, deck operation to marine equipment, fire prevention and explosion protection, from crew safety awareness to equipment and property insecurity, all aspects of control, and effective management of safety and prevention.

Captain Cheng told reporters that under the escort of strict safety production regulations, for many years, the 678 round has never happened a safety responsibility accident, and has been rated as an advanced group of safe production of Zhou Yu company for many years, and has been praised and rewarded by higher authorities for many years.

Win the market reputation with high quality fish

The management of fishing vessels involves many aspects, and the quality management of fish products is an important part. In the 678 round, from the captain to the crew, everyone recognizes that output is important, but the quality of fish products is more important. It not only affects the selling price, but also the reputation of the market. In order to ensure the quality of fish products, a series of effective management methods have been worked out in the 678 round. From the specifications, grading, placing, weighing, refrigerating, tempering, unloading, and refuting of all squads, all working procedures have set strict rules for operation. At the same time, a hierarchical sampling inspection system has been set up to detect problems and feedback promptly. 。 In addition, specific penalties and incentives have been clearly identified, which are linked to the performance and income of everyone. It is reported that over the years, the quality of the 678 round of fish products is better than that of other vessels, and the rate of first class products is close to 100%, which has won the full trust of the market and customers.

We must strictly control the cost and save energy and reduce emissions to promote efficiency. The 678 round not only has a set of quality management of fish and cargo, but also has no ambiguity in the control of production cost, whether it is shipyard maintenance or sailing production, from ship repair materials procurement, consumption of materials, compliance with the principle of "one repair, two sorting and three substitution", strictly control and control ship spare parts to make overall arrangements, reduce spare parts reserve costs, and improve spare parts utilization. During the period of sailing production, whether it is daily water and electricity consumption, maintenance and upgrading of production equipment, or fuel consumption control, the 678 round is to strengthen daily management and resolutely put an end to dripping and dripping. The 678 round production is the highest in the same type of vessels produced in the North Pacific, but the two key indicators of the tonnage of fish and the average cost of ton fish are always the lowest in the whole fleet. With the continuous strengthening of management, the cost control level of the fleet has been continuously improved. In 2016, compared with 2015, in the 6 month production period of the North Pacific, the 678 round of single ships saved nearly 20 tons of fuel and auxiliary oil, and the cost of production was nearly 200 thousand yuan.

In 2017, the 678 round was awarded the "National worker pioneer" by the National Federation of trade unions. Zheng Dailong, the captain of the 678 round of boat fishing, said humbly, "this is the glory of all the crew members of the oceangoing fishing boat. This honor will inspire us to continue to take the responsibility of the long-term development of our country's deep-sea fishing industry as our mission and to invest more in the future with more heroic passion and more confidence. We must let the glorious banner of "National worker pioneer" fly high in the blue North Pacific.

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