"Pearl" again appeared at Qingdao International Fishing Fair

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From October 30th to November 1st, the twenty-fourth International Fisheries exposition was held in Qingdao, Shandong, attracting about 1600 enterprises from 53 countries and regions. During the exhibition, nearly 50 thousand buyers from more than 100 countries and regions visited the exhibition. As the leader and leader of aquatic products processing and marine food industry, Beijing Fisheries Zhoushan marine fishery Co., Ltd. is a frequent visitor of the fisheries Expo. This is the sixth consecutive "punch card" Qingdao exhibition.


The exhibition hall is a landmark ball with "Pearl LOGO" as its creative elements, and a wide variety of Pearl Sea Foods, especially the various squid and the East Beijing Sea economic fish from the north and South Pacific and southwest the Atlantic.




During the exhibition, Wan Jun, general manager of the group and other leaders visited the exhibition site and visited the company's booth. After listening to the reports and presentations, the leaders expressed their appreciation for the products that could meet consumers directly in the domestic market and provide consumers with more health and safety products. At the same time, they also made requests and expectations.



Wan Jun, general manager of the group, visited the booth of the company.


Zhang Jie, director of Zhoushan Commerce Bureau, visited the booth of the company.

This fishing Fair has been meticulous, meticulous, meticulous, "exhibition, promotion, appraisal, and communication" from the planning, exhibition and personnel organization to the scene. It shows the grade and standard of the enterprise. The team of 40 shows the company's high regard for the exhibition. 156 square meters of booth area and open layout, boat fishing once again showed the world's perfect industrial chain, healthy and safe marine food and unique corporate culture. Pearl dried traditional products, frozen surimi products, collagen, freshwater shrimp and crab, both leisure seafood products, catering and catering products, as well as newly developed barbecue products. The company also set up the product cooking area in the main booth, producing the squid food from the north and South Pacific, and letting visitors appreciate it; the large screen of the booth also broadcasts the company Promo in real time to show the company's ocean operation and processing production video images, attracting many customers to stop and watch, so that visitors can feel the essence of the ocean. At the same time, the company has further deepened communication with old customers. It has established initial supply and OEM cooperation plans with network operators, traders, farmers and other network operators, such as Wei, Tim cat food, etc., and has also established contacts with customers from Argentina, Korea, Spain and other countries and regions. In the past three days, more than 100 customers have been interviewed and nearly 3000 have been released.

Exhibition site


Dong Enhe, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, was interviewed.

By participating in this fishing fair, the company's external image was displayed while promoting products. It further enhanced the visibility and market influence of the industry, and won the first-hand X電競新聞 and related X電競新聞 at home and abroad. It not only provided direction for the future of the industry, but also provided opportunities for the company to expand the global market.

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