Shengmu biological victory party committee won the "advanced grassroots party organization of central enterprises".

Author:X電競 Editor at home Source: original release date: 2019-08-02 Browse times:

Recently, the Party committee of the SASAC issued the decision to commend the outstanding Party members of the outstanding Party members of the advanced grass-roots party organizations of the central enterprises, and commended 144 advanced grassroots party organizations, 172 outstanding communists and 106 outstanding party workers.

In recent years, under the firm leadership of the higher level Party committee, the Shengli biological Party committee of the CPC Central Committee has fully implemented the spirit of the nineteen great spirits of the party and the general speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, focusing on the work of the enterprise center, taking the responsibility system of Party Building as the starting point, sticking to the problem oriented and effective orientation, giving full play to the leading role of the Party committee, the role of the Party branch's fighting fortress and the exemplary vanguard of the party members. The successful performance of the trilogy of reducing losses, turning losses and increasing profits has kept operating performance for 20% consecutive years in five years, promoted the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, and achieved two improvement, two promotion and two development of Party building and production and operation. Next, Shengli will continue to give full play to the leading role of Party building, vigorously carry forward the spirit of doing solid work and do solid work. We should not forget our hearts and forge ahead. We should transform Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the nineteen spirits of the party into the driving force and vivid practice of promoting development, and promote the integration of two technologies, green manufacturing and circular economy, so as to speed up the transformation of new and old energy. Focusing on high quality and rapid development, we will make great contributions to the company's strength and excellence, and accelerate the development of world-class enterprises with global competitiveness.

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