Commission for Discipline Inspection of agriculture and seed industry organized party members to visit Beijing in Beijing

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On the morning of July 29th, according to the requirements of the Beijing X電競 Development Commission's Discipline Inspection Commission, "forget the original mind and bear in mind the mission", we launched a warning education based on the theme of "don't forget your mind, remember your mission, clean your business, and serve the three rural issues". All 35 party members and cadres of the agriculture and seed industry, Hua Ken company, visited the warning base of education in Beijing.


In the early morning, everyone came to Beijing to give full warning to the party's education base. The drizzle in the morning has solemnly colored the warning and education base for Beijing's strict administration of Party discipline. The exhibition begins with "general secretary's warning". With the important discussion of general secretary Xi Jinping as the main line, the CPC Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, concentrates on the great achievements of the party in managing the party and managing the party strictly, and it plays a warning role in Education through a large number of typical cases of violation of laws and regulations. Under the guidance of the commentator, we have carefully observed the three thematic exhibitions, namely, "in the past, build a solid defense line", "take the case as a mirror, know the fear and stop it", "do not forget the original mind, remember the mission". The strict measures taken by Zheng Feng Su Ji, the typical cases of the deaf and the deaf, the tearful repentance of the criminal prisoners, all the visitors were cleansed. In the visual emotional interaction area, the modern technology means vividly and vividly shows "prisoners' transformation of life in prison", which makes visitors feel like "immersive" and even more aware of the value of freedom. Subsequently, we watched the propaganda film of the Communist Party of Beijing Disciplinary action Ordinance, and the propaganda film was visualized and animated, so that we had a clearer and deeper understanding of the "Six Disciplines", so that everyone could further clarify the discipline requirements and tighten the discipline string.

Finally, under the leadership of Chen Zhangrui, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, the group solemnly swore solemnly to review the pledge of joining the party, and further inspire the firm belief in loyalty to the party, never forget the original mind and bear in mind the mission.

Visitors generally believe that the theme of this activity is distinct, rich in content, intuitive and profound, warning, deterrent, and educational function is remarkable. Especially in the process of carrying out the theme of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", launching such a warning education campaign that deeply rooted in people's hearts and shocked strongly has greatly enhanced everyone's sense of discipline and sense of rules. Comrades said that in future work, they will further take the case as a mirror, be aware of awe, fear and fear, observe the bottom line, correctly handle the relationship between public and private interests, justice and interests, and strictly abide by the party discipline and discipline, enhance party spirit cultivation, and be honest and upright, clean and clean. At the same time, we should make more contributions to the development of the agricultural seed industry as a top-ranking seed industry by following the requirements of the theme education: "never forget the original mind and remember the mission". We should guard our hearts and responsibilities, find gaps and carry out the implementation. We should take the initiative and do our best to make the seed industry a top-ranking seed industry.

(contribution: agricultural seed industry Jiang Xinghua, June)

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