For the well-being of the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation to revive.
  • It is the urgent need to arm the whole party with the socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
  • It is an urgent need to push forward the 聯系X電競 in the new era.
  • It is an urgent need to maintain the flesh and blood ties between the party and the masses.
  • It is the urgent need to realize the nineteen major objectives and tasks of the party.
  • We must keep our hearts in mind, firmly bear in mind the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, firmly adhere to the ideals and beliefs, and remember that the people's yearning for a better life is our goal. We should never forget that our party is rooted in the people, rooted in the people, and can never be divorced from the masses, despised the masses, and ignores the suffering of the masses.
  • Bear in mind the mission of our party, bear in mind the historic mission of our party to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, take the initiative in acting as a responsible person, maintain the spirit of struggle, dare to face risks and challenges, and overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the road ahead with perseverance and selfless courage.
  • Looking for differences -- comparing the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the decision making and deployment of the Party Central Committee in the new era, comparing the party constitution and Party regulations with the new expectations of the masses, comparing the advanced models, the side example, adhering to high standards and strict demands, and carrying out targeted rectification.
  • Grasping the implementation -- transforming the socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics into practical actions to promote the reform, development, stability and Party building work, turning the initial mission into a conscientious and enterprising spirit of Party members and cadres and the conscious action of hard work and conscientious work. We must guard against formalism and bureaucratism and promote the party's line, principles and policies to take root and promote the solution. The prominent problems that the masses reflect strongly strengthens the sense of happiness, sense of security and safety of the masses.
  • The main education was carried out under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.
  • Party committees at all levels (Party groups) should shoulder the main responsibility, and the leading comrades should shoulder the responsibility of the first responsible person.
  • The members of the Party committee should conscientiously carry out "one job and two responsibilities" and strengthen guidance and supervision in the field of management.
  • Leading bodies and leading cadres should first learn one step and take a deep step. First of all, they should be changed and changed, and at the same time, they should shoulder the responsibility of leading and guiding and do well in the thematic education of their party organizations.
  • We should publicize the positive models, publicize the trustworthy and advanced personages around the party members and cadres, and promote a number of good experiences that can be duplicated and popularized.
  • We should deeply analyze the negative models, and use cases to clarify laws and regulations and promote rectification so as to play a warning role.
  • The whole process of learning education, investigation, research, inspection, rectification and implementation will be carried out throughout the whole process of theme education, and we will strive to achieve the best results.
  • We should strengthen theoretical arm and carry out revolutionary traditional education, formal policy education, advanced model education and warning education in depth, focusing on solving the problem of ideological root, consciously marking benchmarks, and enhancing the pertinence, timeliness and appeal of learning and education.
  • We should educate and guide the party members and cadres to understand the people's feelings and grasp the real situation, to find out what the problem is and where the sticking point is, and to come up with a practical and hard way to solve the problem.
  • We should educate Party members and cadres to listen to opinions in a spirit of inner revolutionary spirit, carefully examine and reflect on them, dig deep into the problems, dig out the root causes, clarify the direction of efforts and improve measures, and solve the problems effectively.
  • It is necessary to change the word to the end, to establish and reform, that is to say, to change immediately, to change immediately, to clarify the time limits and requirements, to make timely rectification in place; to solve the problem at the moment, to keep a close watch on it, and to continue to rectify and reform through deepening our understanding, enhancing our consciousness and defining the stage objectives. All regions and departments and units should list the outstanding problems that need rectification and make centralized management. The special rectification should be communicated to Party members and cadres in an appropriate way, and we should seriously investigate and deal with the problems of discipline and discipline found in special rectification.
  • We must firmly grasp the fundamental task of studying and implementing the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, exercising the political character of loyalty and cleanness, and leading the people of all nationalities in Beijing to work together for the realization of the great dream.
  • We must adhere to the idea of building the party, strengthening the party theory, adhering to the unity of learning and thinking, integrating knowledge, belief and practice, and promoting the party members and cadres to comprehensively and systematically study, thoroughly think about learning and linking reality, constantly enhance the "Four Consciousnesses", strengthen "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance", build the foundation of belief, supplement the spirit of calcium, and stabilize the helm of thought.
  • We must conscientiously carry out the general requirements of the 聯系X電競 in the new era, rush to the problems, resolutely punish them with the courage and resilience of perseverance and resilience, and fight hard with all the problems affecting the party's progressiveness and weakening the purity of the party, and strive to build our party more forcefully and forcefully.
  • That is, we should continue to educate and guide the party members and cadres to conscientiously carry out the party's fundamental purpose, deeply rooted in the masses' opinions and the mass line, and put them into action. We should strive to solve the problem of the masses' greatest concern for the most realistic interests, and constantly enhance the people's trust and confidence in the party, and build the most reliable class foundation and mass foundation for the party's long-term ruling.
  • It is to educate and guide the party members and cadres to carry forward the revolutionary tradition and fine style of work, unite and lead the people to transform the nineteen great blueprints of the party into a better reality.
  • The key point of theoretical study is to educate and guide the party members and cadres to make new progress on the basis of their original learning, deepen their understanding of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the Party Central Committee's major policies and guidelines, learn to understand thoroughly and integrate thoroughly, enhance the consciousness and stability of implementation, and improve the ability of using the party's innovation theory to guide practice and promote work.
  • The focus of Ideological and political baptism is to educate the party members and cadres to firmly believe in Marx doctrine and the socialism with Chinese characteristics, to inherit red genes, to enhance "Four Consciousnesses", to strengthen "four confidence", and to make "two maintenances", and to consciously maintain high consistency with the party Central Committee in Ideological and political actions, always loyal to the party, loyal to the people and loyal to the party. Marx doctrine.
  • The key to innovation is to educate and guide the majority of Party members and cadres to maintain a strong sense of political responsibility and a sense of historical mission. They should maintain the spirit of struggle against the clock and strive for the best. The more difficult and dangerous they are, the more they are fighting ahead. We must work hard to create a practical result that can be tested by practice, people and history.
  • The key to solve the problem of serving the people is to educate the party members and cadres to stick to the people's stand, set up the people centered development concept, enhance their feelings with the masses, consciously work together with the people and work together to solve the masses' worries and worries, and believe that the people's profit and the actual effect of the people's responsibility are trusted by the people.
  • Honest and honest is the example of education and guidance for the majority of Party members and cadres to keep the political essence of being pragmatic and honest for the people, and consciously fight against the phenomenon of privileged thoughts and privileges, resolutely prevent and oppose corruption, clean up official duties, act cleanly, and behave honestly.
  • Party committees at all levels should strengthen supervision and guidance.
  • The central steering group should conduct itinerant guidance and strengthen the supervision and guidance of thematic education in various regions and departments.
  • Provincial Party committees and Party committees (Party committees) of departments in charge of industrial systems should send tour guide groups.
  • All localities, departments and units should stick to the central task and serve the overall situation, combine the theme education with the tasks of reform, development and stability, combine with the following tasks: steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure, benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks and maintaining stability. The actual results of hard work and entrepreneurship.
  • We must guard against formalism and bureaucratism. We should educate and guide Party members and cadres to set up a correct view of political achievements, and really do solid work and change their style of work.
  • The theme education itself should pay attention to the actual effect and solve the substantive problems.
  • The initial heart and mission of the Chinese Communists
  • Significance
  • General requirements
  • Leadership mechanism
  • Play a typical role
  • Combining practice, creatively carrying out work
  • Fundamental task
  • Specific objectives
  • Supervision and guidance
  • Surrounding the center and serving the whole situation

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